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  • Beard and Moustache Maintenance

    Beard and Moustache Maintenance

    With more and more dapper Gentlemen now sporting facial hair it is of upmost importance that these fuzzy faced, moustached men maintain their wonderful beards and marvellous moustaches. Throughout 2013 the number of men sporting facial hair grew quite considerably and it is fair to say it is only going to continue throughout 2014. It…

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  • Tom Ford Makeup Range

    Tom Ford Makeup Range

    “Hey man, throw me your concealer” Tom Ford has developed a range of men's makeup, which aims to help men become immaculate yet masculine. Year after year men are becoming more aware about the products and cosmetics available to help them look and feel better, yet there still remains a clash between women being expected…

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  • Weather Combating Skin Care

    Weather Combating Skin Care

    As Gentlemen, we know we should protect our skin all-year round. However, It's all too easy to lose track of a good skin care regime and more so during the winter months. This year though, don't let that happen. The elements of Autumn and Winter can take their toll on your skin resulting is unpleasant…

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  • Braun Series 7 Review

    Braun Series 7 Review

    As a gentleman, a clean shave is important. We all know that, it adds elegance and since a tender age we've always "wanted" to shave. Now not only is a clean shave a must, but a shave with minimal effort and no scarring is of course also on the agenda. We got our hands on…

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  • James Bond 007 Fragrances Launch Quantum

    James Bond 007 Fragrances Launch Quantum

    As a true British gent, it's common to of envisioned yourself slipping into the shoes of Mr Bond before. I'll have to raise my hand, and admit that I've had many a dream picturing myself as the effortless, composed and extremely cool Mr Bond. With this being said, I guess it's time to realize I'm…

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  • 10 Ways to Celebrate Movember… Without a Moustache

    10 Ways to Celebrate Movember… Without a Moustache

    Desperate to get into the moustached spirit this Movember but feel you’re lacking in the testosterone department? Fret no more! Whether you’re struggling to grow some facial fuzz or you’re, y’know, a girl, we bring you our top ten ‘tache-tacular products to get you feeling just like a Mo-Bro. If you are growing beard or…

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  • Clinique For Men

    Clinique For Men

    Some men can be a little bit lazy when it comes to skincare – but sometimes I don’t think they realise how important a good skin regime is, it can really completely change how you look as well as how you feel. There are hundreds of men’s skincare products on the market but personally I…

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  • The Art Of A Beard

    The Art Of A Beard

    From designer stubble to a full grown mane, it’s clear to see that the beard is becoming more standard procedure than the sign of being homeless in recent years. With celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and David Beckham sporting facial fur it’s become an unwritten rule that a fashionable man cannot be without…

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  • Men’s Hairstyles For 2012

    Men’s Hairstyles For 2012

    With the New Year looming there has never been a better time to give your locks a season update (Sorry guys, mullets have to go) and with key 2012 trends being unbelievably easy to style there is no excuse to be rocking out with anything other than a tip-top mop! The catwalks for S/S 12…

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