GRANGERS | The tent cleaning specialists as no-one wants a mucky tent

Camping, you either love or loathe it, it’s certainly not for everyone, but for those that camp regularly; it’s a way of life. The packing up, the loading the car, the journey there and then there’s the campsite. For so many people it’s a week or two away in the summer where they meet old friends and really enjoy the benefits that come with the great outdoors.

When the tent is up, let’s think about all the exercise you’ll get, you’ll find you probably walk more, maybe cycling, swimming if you’re near the sea and just exploring. It helps with problem solving, not just with the tent up but encountering daily challenges. It’s great for the kids’ education, it’ll help with sleep, it can reset your biological clocks and help you sleep well. Oh, the summer sun, camping increases your vitamin D intake, well hoping that the weather permits, but extra sun rays mean extra vitamin D. And if nothing else, rain or shine, camping makes you happier.

So, onto the next part: why you should take good care of your tent. The trip is over, you need to pack up and go home. But what about the tent? Cleaning your tent is a must, don’t think you can chuck it in the washing machine, it needs to be cleaned properly. A good cleaning and waterproofing will ensure your tent will last and perform better whatever the weather throws at you, and you have to remember that UV rays and other elements can ruin your tent, and believe it not, if you are camping for up to two weeks UV exposure may actually lead to 50% reduction in the tear strength in your tents fabric. The cover can get dust and dirt build up which will make it absorb water over time.

So, Grangers have an amazing water-based Tent + Gear Care Kit which will give your tent all the love and care it will need before and after your trip. With this kit it will provide durable repellency, removes all the dirt and stains and prepares your tenting gear for waterproofing treatments that’s fresh and ready for the next time.

The kit comes complete with a expanding vacuum packed sponge that expands into full-size, (give it to dad) to help with the cleaning, specially designed to clean all the dirt, and other muck that accrues on your trip. Also Grangers’ Tent + Gear repel spray-on waterproofing treatment is perfect for using on all outdoor gear and equipment, leaving your tent and you, fully protected, from stains and even in the wettest of days.

All you need to do is clean and proof your tents. Buy online: GRANGERS