GQ Opens ‘The Gent’ in Manhattan

Manhattan is a city full to the brim with great things to do. It holds some of the tallest buildings in the world, has more shops than many small countries and enough bars and restaurants to keep you eating out somewhere near every day of the year.

The US edition of GQ Magazine have just announced the opening of its first bar/experience for men, adding to the wealth of things that the great city has to do.

 gq 22

“The Gent” is the very first bricks and mortar experience for the modern American gentleman. Set to be located in a prime landmark building in the historic West Village area of New York City, near the famous and picturesque High Lane park. The over 800 square foot space will host exclusive events and unique opportunities over the year.

As we would expect from a publication such as GQ, major work has been done to make sure that the building looks its very best. Previously the home of medieval wax makers, the space has been fully restored to maintain the character of its 19th century interiors.

 gq 33

Inspired by the GQ lifestyle, The Gent will feature stylish original design and art that has been especially curated for men, the best of the best grooming products, books, premium liquor as well as a variety of high-end accessories.

Showing a flair for more than fashion, The Gent will host pop up art exhibitions, intimate film screenings and acoustic musical performances. The space is perfect for the men of Manhattan and will also hold viewing parties for big sports game, conversation series showcases as well as cocktail receptions and tastings.