If you are one of those guys that shave on a regular basis, this might come as a bit of a surprise that shaving doesn’t need to suck. How does it feel, when no matter what, you have to get up earlier to get the shaving deed done. And then you face the dragging the sharp edge of the blade across your stubbled bare skin, and as we all know guys, many of you experience shaving rash and razor burn, whilst some of you prefer not to shave because it irritates your skin. Don’t you think that there has to be a better way?

But what if you found a razor that could make the whole shaving process actually pain and razor-burn free, and beyond the pain, razor burn is embarrassing, if only because it shows and tells to colleagues, love interests and bartenders who probably are love interests, that you don’t know how to shave properly. Wildy shame-inducing. Yes. At best. Frustrating. 

There are many hazards on the way to the perfect shave: shaving rash, bumps, cuts, missed hairs, and of course razor burn, and your best defense is a close shave – the closest shave that you can possibly have without slicing open your jugular. And the key is to have the most effective set of tools at your disposal, you only need one essential upgrade to your shaving routine to make not only your morning ritual so much easier, but every time you need a shave. 

The Gillette Labs heated razor starter kit:

Prefer to let the shaver do all the work? A re-creation of the hot towel shave coms in the form of the Gillette Lab heater razor, that will transform your morning ritual with the world’s first heated razor. We see that you’re probably thinking ‘what!’  but this ingenious razor has Gilettes thinnest, finest razor blades you’ll ever come across.And how does it heat up, well the razor has a small stainless steel state-of-the-art warming bar embedded beneath the blades, that heats up in less than an impressive second, and at a touch of a button, adjustable temperature levels, to distribute heat across your face, you know, that great feeling of hot towel shave with every stroke, designed to deliver heat and comfort with every stroke on your morning face and this provides an instant and soothing warmth to your skin. Shaving is an art form and having the right equipment is the key to a great shave, 

The razor comes with a wireless magnetic charging base, that’s very compact and slick,  that ensures that your heated razor is ready when you are – up to 6 shaves on a single charge. The premium-grade aluminum zinc handle adds to the razor’s overall look and feel and the razor is designed to stand and charge vertically.100% waterproof, sink or shower, your choice. Five blades combined with FlexDisc technology for incredible comfort with every shave.

The perfect shaver that’s modern, minimalist and looks cool for your shaving setup. Giving you the ultimate barbershop shave. Saving walking to the barbers.

Buy online here: Gillette Labs