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Choosing The Right Gift This Valentines Day

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Red – I feel my soul on fire! Black – my world when she’s not there! If, like us, you like a good ol’ musical, you perhaps might not like shopping or gift giving around this time of year.

Most of us at one time or another panic buy around birthdays and Christmas, but with retail gearing up for Valentine’s Day and Wedding Season just around the corner, now is not the time to get things wrong if you’re buying a gift or thinking about popping the question.

So stick with us and follow a few easy steps to getting the perfect gift for your loved one.

What And How

1. Get Sneaky.

We mean this with all the best intentions. Have a little peek through her jewellery collection to determine preferred styles, bands and colour.

It’s also a great time to determine ring size; an added bonus to jewellery is if it fits so a little detective work should pay off in the end.

2. Friends and Family.

If, like Velma Kelly, you simply can’t do it alone, then why not ask a friend or member of the family for some help and advise. They might know something you don’t!

3. Shop Together.

Alternatively, this might be a team effort. Some couples prefer to shop for these things together so if this applies to you and your relationship then ignore Steps 1 and 2. What and how shouldn’t matter in the end. If it’s true love then what and how you pop the question shouldn’t matter.

Goldsmiths x Jenny Packham


But what, you might ask, should I give? Enter British fashion designer Jenny Packham who is renowned for creating exquisite gowns for red carpets and bridal collections. But it’s not just us Brits who love her gowns.

From Hollywood to Buckingham Palace, her gowns have been favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge and Angelina Jolie (to name drop a select few!) But we now are turning our eyes to jewellery with the collaboration between Miss Packham and the luxury jeweller Goldsmiths.

And what’s more, the new collection centres around engagement rings (lucky for you!) Each of the three bridal suites, entitled Gloria, Aurora and Étoile are completed with earrings and necklace pendant so brides-to-be can walk down the aisle in head-to-toe (and finger) Jenny Packham.

Diamond’s Are Jenny’s Best Friend

The eponymous Gloria collection pays homage to silver screen leading lady Gloria Swanson, which brings a modern touch to the hedonistic flair of the 1920s.

Meanwhile each piece in the Aurora edit features central statement diamonds surrounded by a halo of delicate pavé stones. These have been influenced by the heavens as the cluster of diamonds evoke thoughts of sparkling stars. Miss Packham says:

“My love of sparkles is no secret and whilst crystals and sequins can suffice – diamonds are my new best friend”.


Partnering with Goldsmiths connects the beautiful with the desirable. This is finally expressed in the Etoile collection which is without doubt the star of the show. The intricate detail of Jenny Packham bridal is dovetailed in this edit which consists of hoop earrings, a drop pendant and a solitaire engagement ring set on a fine diamond band.


All Wrapped Up

These collections from Jenny Packham are exclusive to Goldsmiths. Romantic and exquisite, the pieces are available now in Goldsmiths stores across the country and if you visit Goldsmiths here.

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