Get to Know The First Environmentally Conscious Luxury Footwear Brand

The known British footwear company Hugs & Co. have released their latest rage of Environmentally Conscious Luxury Footwear. Upcycled tyre tread is combined with Italian leather and British design to create the line environmentally conscious luxury footwear. Only a fraction of the energy used to produce new sole units is required to convert the waste tyres into usable shoe parts. The upcycled components are not a compromise though, in fact they’re an improvement for the driving loafer style. Adding incredible durability and grip whilst retaining an elegant and classic style had created the next generation of the original hybrid shoe, the TS1 Driving Loafer.

Designed by brothers and co founders of Hugs & Co. footwear Benjie and Hugo Davis, this hybrid shoe incorporates a perfect balance of style, comfort and practicality.

Hugs & Co. are proud to introduce the TS1 model ‘the British Driving Loafer’, bringing a new level of functionality to driving loafers that upgrades them into a versatile piece of luxury footwear. All these shoes use up unwanted tyres and promote a contemporary and environmentally conscious approach to regular footwear.

Benjie Davis says, ‘The words upcycled and repurposed previously haven’t been associated with luxury fashion items, here at Hugs & Co. we’re taking steps to change that with the TS1 Driving Loafer’.

Hugo Davis commented, ‘All too often the decision to select environmentally conscious components leads to a compromise in quality, here it actually enhances the product’.

Millions of scrap tiles pile up every year, designed not to degrade they create long-term damage to the environment. Waste tyres are often burned, giving off toxic fumes, however, alternatives for disposal are burying or highly costly and energy consuming methods to break them down. The TS1 repurposes this material and the simple process produces a tenth of the CO2 that new soles would make.

The process of manufacture involves modern production techniques, interspersed with artisanal expertise and is the first time environmental consciousness has been successfully introduced into the luxury footwear market. At MFM we are hoping this is paving the way for more companies to follow suit, sustaining a cleaner and brighter future.

The Driving Loafer is the perfect show for Hugs & Co. to begin this journey with. Not only is it one of the signature products in the Hugs & Co. collection, but it is the original hybrid shoe. Traditionally footwear was made with stiff leather soles and uppers that require weeks of wearing to break in. The Driving Loafer has closed the gay between formal and comfortable with the flexible studded sole, soft suede and moccasin construction. The TS1 is the next generation of the familiar style, upgrading the driving loafer and introducing an element of environmental responsibility that is essential in the modern world.