Fully embrace your unkempt furriness

For most guys, pubic hair grooming is merely a fact of life, whether you fancy a quick trim or a neatly manicured, or as smooth as a baby’s bottom. And although the concept of “manscaping” has become popular to use the catchy new name it has become much more the norm between partners. Of course every guy is different, and the ‘ideal’ length means different things to different guys. But the point is that you want to prioritise each zone of body hair differently, and your pubic hair is one of them.

Men and pube removal isn’t anything new, so whether you want to fully embrace a completely smooth and pube free region or you started long before manscaping was even a thing, you must be a little bit curious to what women prefer. It is known that the majority of women like their partners neat but sometimes less high-maintenance trim, and they aren’t shy in expressing their expectations and are more likely to see a partner’s grooming habits as potential deal breakers.

Pubic hair has more bend and is coarser so it’s easier for it to curl back into the skin, which in turn can lead to ingrown hairs, and hey here we are showing you that trimming is the best for this area. In some cases trimming your pubic hair is both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful, as this hair can trap not only moisture and sometimes fungal infection and other rashes.

The Maintenance Package:

Meridian has come up with plenty of options for your grooming.The maintenance package has everything you need for you first, or upgrade manscaping moment. Consisting of a trimmer with super sensitive tech for high precision, waterproof, obviously, and shock resistant and quiet,very important when you’re in the bathroom. With easy to snap on ceramic blade that reduces scratching and tugging, to anti-nick adjustable guards, USB charging cable and that all important cleaning brush. And included in the package are two back-up blades, just to keep you prepared. This is most definitely the top shelf of pubic hair trimmers, for both balls and your entire pubic region.

The Spray:

When you need to maintain a clean and fresh private package, this little bottle will soothe you all day long. Anti chafing, eases irritation, and the Ph balancing intimate spray offer odour protection. It’s a great routine that you should get into with great calming botanicals if your nether regions are a little sensitive.

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