FLEXISPOT: A comfortable chair and a bike at your feet, working never felt so good

The importance of physical activity for both older and younger peoples’ health is well documented, so one thing you should be doing right now? Moving, as in exercising, and  working out may not be to everyone’s cup of tea, who wants to be doing push ups or lifting weights, some of us don’t have the time or inclination to want to go to the gym every week, if at all. If you WFH like many of us do right now, what better way to work out than when sitting at your home office desk on a Flexispot sit2Go 2-in-one chair?

When we move more oxygen gets to the brain, definitely a plus when home working, which in return can impact your overall positivity and can alleviate anxiety and boost your energy. And whilst we understand that paying out on a home setup might seem daunting, think of the benefits and more positive side of your daily life.

The best part of using a  chair is that not only can you work out from the comfort of your home, but it will provide a super comfortable experience, and let’s face it it could be that perfect alternative to that uncomfortable office chair. Not too far from the Flexispot Sit2Go 2-in-one fitness chair but far enough away from that gym.

The Flexispot Sit2Go is a game changer, a fitness chair that will allow you to exercise whilst actually still sitting down, and great if you want to do something simple like read over work or get onto those zoom meetings, it will give you the perfect comfortable set-up. The dual-motor lifting system enables a high weight capacity of 125 KG for all your desktop needs and be assured that the enhanced structure ensures stability. And flexibility from the 3-stage frame design ofto your desired height adjustment of 60-125cm.

The breathable mesh backrest gives you stability and comfort, a supportive firm  seat cushion, (very important!) that provides no pressure support, in return will give you an enjoyable sedentary experience! You can adjust the seat, so you can work in a position that suits you, and with a one touch lever. Nothing can be more simple than that!

Want to move it, no problem this compact streamlined gem sits on four smooth-rolling 360-degree swivels and can be moved around really easily and stored away at the end of the day. With a calorie tracker and customizable cardio, and adjustable resistant levels all at the touch of a hand, that will let you choose your challenge. What more can you ask for? Well, do you go for a white one or a black one, that’s the hardest decision.