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  • How To Burn Fat Efficiently

    How To Burn Fat Efficiently

    Have you ever sat there and thought – how can I burn fat quickly and efficiently? There are many ways and in our article we discuss each of them with the same precision you will walk away with and begin.

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  • BAM Clothing

    BAM Clothing

    Today we want to bring your attention to a clothing brand that caught our eye... BAM clothing. They're the leading name in the world of bamboo clothing offering eco-friendly and ethically made bamboo performance wear that you can live in. It’s ultra soft, comfortable and versatile. We got our hands on a selection of their…

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  • The Aesthetic Era – Training To Look Good

    The Aesthetic Era – Training To Look Good

    Bodybuilding is dead. The era of lifting weights for competition is coming to an end. Now, more than ever, gym-goers are training purely for aesthetics. They want to look leaner, bigger, stronger and more handsome. So what has brought about this change? What has inspired today's youth to focus on physical appearance, instead of overall…

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  • 5 Exercises To A New You

    5 Exercises To A New You

    We've often heard the line 'minimum effective dose', meaning what's the least amount you can do, to get the most reward. Here at Mens Fashion Magazine, we constantly get emails from people about what they have to do, to transform their physique. I've gone through a selection of these emails, and scoured my gym-repertoire in…

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  • Your Essential Guide To Six Pack Abs

    Your Essential Guide To Six Pack Abs

    One might hear “It’s easy to get a six pack and even easier maintaining it.”  This idea can sound very simple but putting it into action can be quiet challenging. Getting six pack abs is not for the weak minded. It will take a lot of time, dedication and hard work but it is definitely…

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  • How To Gain Will Power

    How To Gain Will Power

    Indulgence is a human characteristic we could all do without. Oscar Wilde once said: " I can deny anything but temptation." When it comes to achieving your individual goals in fitness and weight loss, it's important to deny temptation at every turn Our lack of willpower forces us into a spiral of self-fulfilling prophecy and…

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  • 10 Reasons To Train In The Morning

    10 Reasons To Train In The Morning

    Today at MFM, we're going to be covering something different. We tend to focus solely on clothing and ways to enhance your personal style, but keeping in shape is also highly important. With a huge focus to improve personal style being on the fit of the clothing, keeping in physical shape will also enhance your…

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  • Men’s Fitness & Health

    Men’s Fitness & Health

    New years day hits and suddently the road is filled with runners, the gym has a field day in terms of new clients and every man seems to be wanting to improve their fitness and remove that christmas beer gut. Here at MFM, we're always mentioning the importance of good fitting clothing, and being in…

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