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  • How To Use Fashion To Help Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

    How To Use Fashion To Help Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

    Weight loss is one of the most overrated concepts in our current era. Slim models, actors, singers, celebrities, all make us feel like we need to fit in their clothes. Yes, we’d look great if we could do it. But often the benefits are outweighed (no pun intended) by the pressure. Some extra weight is…

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  • 5 Thing To Look For While Choosing Your Sportswear

    5 Thing To Look For While Choosing Your Sportswear

    Fashion and clothing are crucial not only in everyday life or office but even while doing sports too. Right fit, shoes and other general stuff you might consider being not so important, can turn out to be one of the essential things which can either improve or ruin your sports routine. In order to know…

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  • Are Meat and 2 Veg Meals Healthy?

    Are Meat and 2 Veg Meals Healthy?

    When it comes to healthy diets, it seems like everyone has a different opinion about what's ideal. Some people insist that only fruits and vegetables should make it to your plate, while others claim that meats and dairy offer much-needed proteins and fats that shouldn't be omitted. One thing's for sure, humans have been eating…

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  • How To Prevent and Remove Stretch Marks When Bodybuilding

    How To Prevent and Remove Stretch Marks When Bodybuilding

    When you embark on an intensive workout programme that is primarily aimed at bulking up and building muscle, you might notice an appearance of small purple or red lines appearing on across your body. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal! These lines are known as stretch marks, and no it’s not just women who are…

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  • How to Work Out and Avoid the Gym

    How to Work Out and Avoid the Gym

    For some, the gym is the perfect post-work release. For others, the thought of sweating it out in a crowded room after a long day at the workplace couldn’t be less appealing. For men with busy lifestyles, finding the time – and motivation – to train can be difficult, and getting the desired results seems…

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  • Behind The Transformation: Chris Winters

    Behind The Transformation: Chris Winters

    This has to be my favourite interview of the Podcast so far, and what an inspirational story Chris has. It has to be one of the best transformations I've seen, both physically and mentally and in this Episode Chris shares the secrets behind his success. From an alcoholic in bad shape to transforming his body,…

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  • Seven Easy Exercises For A Six Pack

    Seven Easy Exercises For A Six Pack

    The question I find I get asked most often is ‘how can I get a six pack?’ This article will detail the seven exercises to do in order to get you the six pack you are after, with the added bonus that you can do them all in the comfort of your own home. How…

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  • The My Workout Buddy $50 Challenge

    The My Workout Buddy $50 Challenge

    If you're looking to enhance style and your overall appearance, you should know keeping fit plays a huge part in this. With our recent fitness article focusing on 'Working Out To Look Good', alongside the rise of the newly labeled Spornosexual man, it's clear that getting and staying in shape is more popular than ever.…

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  • Working Out To ‘Look Good’

    Working Out To ‘Look Good’

    People used to work out in order to gain strength. However, in modern times, this has shifted to more people working out in order to look ‘good’. This is known in the fitness world as ‘aesthetics’. People now want to look good both in and out of clothes. In this article I will explain a…

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  • Why Muscle Recovery Is Important

    Why Muscle Recovery Is Important

    Resting your body after a workout is the most overlooked area of exercising. We, as sturdy gentlemen, believe we don’t need to but we, here at MFM, are here to tell you that you do. And in our guide, we tell why it is so important.

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