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Fisherman’s Favourites: Winter Staples You Need To Own

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With the change in season we are well and truly into Autumn now; it’s time to wrapping up warm and dig out of your closet your finest layers. Dressing for the cold has never been so easy, with so many uniquely stylish options to select on the high street and online – we have some great products to show you.

Aran Knit                                        

Traditionally dating from the West Coast of Ireland; the Aran knit is a surprisingly versatile jumper made from 100% sheep’s wool. Created for the working fishermen of small villages; the yarn naturally contained lanolin oil which made the knit weatherproof and durable.

staples 1

Worn by the great Steve McQueen; he favoured Aran jumpers for his love of comfort and laidback style. With fashion longevity in the current day of emerging trends; the style of the Aran knit remains unchanged only with the addition of colour and varying patterns and texture.

staples 2

A fantastically warm statement piece, the Aran knit is a classic investment piece that will continue giving with years to come. Have a look at these jumpers for some inspiration…

huntsman jumpereleven paris jumperinis meain

The Peacoat

Another favourite piece to warn off the cold: the Pea coat dates back to the early 1900’s where working men would have to brave all weather conditions at sea. Therefore requiring something of good quality that was dense enough to seal in body warmth. The Pea coat was made and has sufficiently been one of the most dependable garments to date.

staples 3

With a high collar, simple detailing and wide pockets, this coat is the perfect outer layer to smarten up and also add a little interest to your look. If you don’t already have one of these hanging in your closet – it’s time to invest! Understated with a vintage charm; the Pea coat goes with everything and anything whether you prefer to wear neutral colours or bright accents – its complimentary and timeless.

staples 6

roman rich peacoatcalton peacoatsshore leave peacoat

Lace Up Boots

Whether it’s smart or distressed you’re looking for; brogue boots create a fantastic statement worn casually with a dark jean or smarter trousers. With an element of old gentleman and quirky dash of contemporary squire, these style boots possess the versatility that most shoes will never have.

staples 4

In between a quintessential men’s day shoe and an urban explorers dream, the bold shape and intricate detailing add a quirky edge to casual attire. Stick with traditional colour schemes of brown and black leather; these shades look typically fresh with most looks.

staples 5

Opt for mustard or oxblood if you want something a little bit more different than the norm. Be sure to check the leather is of a durable high quality too, this will give you a hint of the type of wear the boots will have.

geigers dexter londonasteroid bootspebble grain boots

Wear It With…

As a whole look or part of an outfit, consider the following pieces to style up your Aran knit, Pea coat and Brogue boots. Great pieces need the addition of high quality everyday essentials.

sotraki black chinosheattech mens socksblack mens okini

ragg wool hatroban backpackschecked hugo scarfs

On That Note…

We hope you have enjoyed our feature on fisherman’s favourites, from the classic highly wearable chunky knit to the incredibly versatile Pea coat. And to top your look off some great Brogue boots, get all of these things right and you’re onto a winning look. Just remember investments pieces have never been better!

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