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Fashion Essentials: Summer Weddings

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It’s that time of year again, the sun is lurking behind those clouds, as hard as that may be to believe, which means one thing; the wedding season is upon us.  Now for us women there seems to be an abundance of choice, but for men it would appear the opposite is true.

After persuading my partner that jeans were not a suitable trouser (even though they are black) for a wedding, we went shopping for a more suitable outfit.  Many men make the mistake of thinking a formal suit means black trousers and jacket, a white shirt and a tie.  Now although there is nothing wrong with this look, and it is indeed a very smart option, there are other routes to go down.  Adding a spot of colour here and there, or even ditching the jacket in favour of a waistcoat, spices up your outfit and gives you a sophisticated and fashionable look.

The Kooples offer a beautiful range of suits and jackets.  The slim silhouettes offer a chic and modern take on the classic suit.  If you want to take a side step from the traditional black suit, but not sure which colours will work together, then The Kooples offer selection of sophisticated suits that you can buy as a set or individually.  The beige suit feels quite Gatsby-esque in its appearance, which thanks to Baz Luhrmann’s new take on the film is a popular trend at the moment.

If you don’t want to step too far out of your comfort zone, then these Prince of Wales and dark navy suits are more practical.  The Kooples have a talent of taking a traditional look and giving it a modern and elegant twist. The grey chevron pocket square gives a much more fashion conscious look to the outfit without having to stand out too much with colour. However, if it is a coloured suit you are after Topman offer a fabulous wine coloured suit.  This suit offers a nice injection of colour without being so bold it attracts lots of attention (trust me you do not want to outshine the bride!)

Investing in a new suit jacket is a good way to spice up an outfit without having to shell out for a whole suit.  A dinner jacket with contrast lapels and pocket flaps is a sophisticated way of injecting pattern and colour into an outfit. Etro offer a paisley lapel dinner jacket that does just this. The navy jacket is complemented by the subtle contrast of the paisley, pair with a traditional white shirt for a modern twist. If you already have the perfect pair of black trousers then a grey jacket is a great accompaniment.  The contrast in colours is an ideal way to put a fashionable spin on a traditional look.  Similar to The Kooples, Richard James offer a jacket in Prince of Wales check in grey. John Varvatos and Topman also offer a fantastic range of grey suit jackets.

Personally, although I love a good suit jacket in my experience at weddings many men shed their jackets before food is served, and they warm the backs of chairs for the rest of the night. A way to avoid looking like you’ve just finished a day at the office and keep a smart and dapper look, especially at a hot summer wedding, is to opt for a waistcoat instead. Oliver Spencer offer a grey cotton-twill waistcoat, pair it with black trousers, a white shirt and dark coloured tie for a smart, summer look. Topman offer some budget friendly waistcoats in a range of colours. A subtle coloured waistcoat is another way of adding a touch of colour to your outfit. Topman’s balsam green cord waistcoat is a perfect for this, the dull green is ideal for those who don’t want to be too daring.

A white shirt is a common choice for a formal occasion, but a coloured or patterned shirt shouldn’t be overlooked. However, if you feel more comfortable in a white shirt, or are opting for a wine coloured suit, then Richard James offer an ideal option. Although it is white, the faded Bengal stripes make it a little more interesting.

I would suggest avoiding a wide tie or a bow tie unless you are part of the bridal party, skinny ties are a fashionable and popular choice, and a nice alternative should you have to wear a tie daily. Jill Sander have a novelty Dinosaur silk tie, and Topman do a wallet friendly horse print one, which are a cheeky way of giving your formal attire a fun twist.

Top all this off with a smart pair of brogues or loafers and you have a very stylish wedding outfit.

I hope this has opened up some doors to a brighter, summer wedding wardrobe, and has shown that there are just as many options for men as there are for women, you just need to take the plunge and stay away from the black suit / white shirt combo! Happy wedding season.

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