Explore hot and spicy – you heat lovers!

Who has a spice tooth. Or maybe it’s spicy teeth. Or maybe just simply a hot mouth.

Most people use hot sauces as a condiment, a simple dash here, a dash there a lot.

Spice it up onto burritos, tacos or drizzle it over that hot unseasoned pizza, pasta dish, and anything else that needs spicing up. So you feel like hotting up your Christmas then try mixing some hot sauces to your everyday meals. 

Hot Sauces and grow your own chillies kit: In this box are 3 bottles of REDHOT sauces, smoked chipotle, fire-roasted Jalapeno, and chargrilled habanero all ready to spice your life.

Smoked Chipotle Sauce:

When that old bottle of tomato sauce doesn’t quite cut it, there luckily, this one.

Rich and flavoursome, spicy and smoky, made with smoked chill peppers and garlic to brighten up, heat up to any dish. This is the sauce you want at your BBQ, essential for chip dipping, mixing in a Mexican chilli and works wonders as a glaze for meat, like a juicy steak!

Chargrilled Habanero Sauce: 

Using Habanero peppers for their intense heat and opposite floral fruitiness. Smoked garlic helps to liven up every hot spice bite! The silky smooth texture and fruity flavour will liven up, pork,chicken, halloumi and good old veg, and everyone’s favourite pan fried prawns. So seriously hot it’s great for adding a massive, big, hot sharp flavour to anything. Be brave!

Fire Roasted Jalapeno:

Not so hot as hot, this medium hot sauce, made from fire roasted jalapeno peppers, roasted garlic and lime. Ths sauce adds a signature zest to a variety of dishes, like chicken, stuffed peppers and loaded nachos and tacos. You’ll be able to taste those crisp jalapenos in every bite. Add a dash to salads or dio into chunky chips.

Grow Your Own Hot Chillies Kit

And at the end, grow your own chillies. In the kit you have 3 bio pots, 3 soil pellets, Habanero chilli seeds, Jalapeno seeds, and red chilli seeds.

Growing chillies at home is easy, and whether you want flavour or heat, there’s a chilli pepper here to grow. Incredibly versatile, grow them on your windowsill, and have fun!

You can buy all RedHot at various retailers, to get your Franks RedHot saucers below.

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