Looking at the J-Beauty and K-Beauty booms over the years, we think it’s finally the time  for A-Beauty. African beauty has always been about using minimal, natural, and rich  ingredients to pamper and cater to all skin needs. Epara products are very versatile, and  the idea behind the brand is that you can dial up or dial down your use of certain products  depending on the weather, your skin cycle and environment 

Epara embodies this exact ritual of collapsing your skincare routine to a few steps to make  it easier to maintain and therefore achieve the results you want.  

Using ingredients such as Moringa Oil, Marula Oil and Shea Butter links the brand to the  many women who without the help of much scientific research somehow knew that these  ingredients made a difference in skin health. Today, Epara products create the same  solutions offered by African botanicals supported with scientific research which underpins  the efficacy of the ingredients and products. 

Epara is founder Ozohu Adoh’s tribute to those incredible women, here is her go to Epara  shopping cart: 

The key to reducing hyperpigmentation and hydrating the skin all in one go is to find an oil  based buildable product – the Cleansing Oil is my go-to. As soon as it is applied to skin  (also used to remove makeup) it goes to work on targeting skin imperfections, evening tone  and brightening dull skin all whilst preventing irritation!  

Cleansing Lotion, £45, Eparaskincare.com 

There isn’t an Epara product that is a one size fits all however the Hydrating Mist comes  close because it gives me the dual solution of hydrating and brightening my skin at the same  time. My consistent desk buddy throughout the whole year! 

Hydrating Mist, £40, Eparaskincare.com  

After cleansing, I use the Brightening Night Balm as it is specially formulated to work while  you sleep. This is the perfect opportunity to renew skin and create a new layer of  protection. 

Brightening Night Balm, £100, Eparaskincare.com 

Bonus Product: I love the winter months for the fashion, food and warming scents that  surround the season. Moisture is one of the biggest pillars in A-Beauty and for that I  give all the thanks to our Comforting Body Cream. 

Comforting Body Cream, £120, Eparaskincare.com