Effortless rock star boots and effortless swag – Chelsea boots 

Sometimes you just need to decide what you put on your feet will have the power to define your whole look.Think about this. If you decide to wear white kicks, it says that you really care about what you are wearing but without trying too hard. Brogues, monk straps, loafers all say that you are the guy who will prefer the fail-safe classics that will stand the test of time. Chelsea have a different tone.

Let’s talk about Chelsea boots, on the one hand they are great to give out that rock ‘n’ roll badass vibe and on the other they are your perfect day, night, casual, suit, boots that can quite make you feel important and regal.  Trends? The Chelsea boots scoffs at trends. Brought in from the swinging 60s upwards, it was London’s fashionable cool kids who could not get enough of them and seriously, it has seen more of them come and go than it cares to remember, but actually, they have never left.

And we all know that they have been made famous by many celebrities, from the Rolling Stones to Harry Styles and even Kayne West. But here’s the thing, you don’t actually have to be anyone but yourself, not even one of the coolest guys on the planet, to rock them. They will look absolutely great on any regular dude who is running out to get a coffee, as much as he will wear them to a business meeting or on a hot date. The art of wearing these boots will literally be what you are going to wear with them.

At their core, the best Chelsea are defined by two important details, the ankle height and an upper constructed from two pieces sewn together in leather, not forgetting the panels of elastic that unites the two parts on either side. These, remember, are pull-on boots, but the most important part of a Chelsea boots is the shape of the toe. And the rule of thumb, the more tapered the toe, the dressier the boot, which means you should be looking for a pair of boots that is neither severely pointy or like clown shoes. Go for an egg-shaped round but not too round.

For business pick up a pair that has a slightly more pointier toe and slimmer ankle, and a rounder toe for casual and play. You got it? Chelsea boots are perfect for that classic, laidback look, and If you want a pair for the evenings, go for black or dark brown, suede or leather, as they will look great with slim cut, not skinny  indigo jeans, casual shirt and sweater. Suede Chelsea boots can make a pair of distressed denims look a bit more polished, just throw on a polo neck sweater and a loose fitting coat or unstructured jacket for a more sophisticated take on street style.

Effortless swag right this way and all the style on boots we’re feeling right now.