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Dressing For Your Body Shape

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Body Shape is not generally something us men sit around a table with a latte in hand discussing; it is our female counterparts who seem to obsess over the latest diet or how to lose weight.

Yet while us gents are, in the main, more comfortable with carrying a little excess baggage or do not get too hung up on being a little on the tall or short side, maybe we could learn a trick or two from our female friends.

The crux of the matter is, it’s not the clothes we’re wearing that let us down but the ways in which we wear them; we fail to think about our bodies proportions and simply grab the standard size from the rail. So with that in mind and bypassing the science of ectomorphs and endomorphs, along with the jargon of apples and pears, here are a few simple ways to rectify those easily made errors of judgement…

The Short Man

body 11

For the man who is a little on the short side, it’s all about accentuating the height you do have. The key is to wear slim fitting clothes.

There is no point wearing a large blazer and baggy jeans, keep the shape skinny or slim, wear boxy, shorter length t-shirts or sweaters. Also keep cuff and hem lengths short – something which happens to be all the rage at present and will ensure you are not drowning in excess fabric.

loopback sweatshirtcos cotton shirtorlebar shorts

thin finn jeanscable knit sweaterspaul tapered chinos

The Tall Man

body 22

This may seem somewhat obvious but it’s basically about doing the exact opposite of what a short man would do. Leave a little more excess in your shirts and t-shirts, anything too fitting will just make you look taller and try not too wear anything too slim, unless the beanpole look is the one you are after; there is nothing wrong with going a size up.

You should also avoid long, pointy shoes, they will just exacerbate the problem, the round toe shoe is most certainly the way forward for taller men.

curved hem toplegacy linen blazersplacid blue shirt

relaxed legacy shortsallstar mono leathertan brogue leather

The Large Man

body 33

For you larger men who think that by wearing baggier clothes you’re hiding those extra pounds, you’re not. If anything you just look a little unkempt and those excess fabrics rolling around just add to the problem.

Keep your clothes simple, do not add lots of stripes or checks in your choice of shirts and keep your fabrics lightweight – especially in those summer months.

popline shirtsgrandad shirtscarhartt shorts

unwashed jeansgreen hentschcotton jcrew tee

The Muscular Man

body 44

The muscular man may be incredibly fit and spend his spare time down the gym in lycra but when it comes to everyday dressing, those bulging muscles can often get in the way of a stylish outfit. Those broad shoulders and large biceps can often hinder a man’s style, so once again it’s all about proportions.

Avoid skin-tight tops and skinny jeans, they really aren’t too flattering, while horizontal stripe tops help to spread the bulk of your frame. Light colours and plain fabrics will also help in lightening the load and there is nothing wrong with buying products that have a little stretch fit in them to ease the load.

navy breton teesbeams plusrelaxed blue trouser

rochelle sweatshirtsnn07 jeansfairway green

A Final Note…

We can quite often get lured into thinking that style is all about the clothes you wear and the brands you are wearing. In actual fact, the essence to good style comes down to knowing your body shape and admitting that, on occasion, no matter how much you may like a particular item of clothing, it just does not suit your frame.

Clothes are essentially about looking good and therefore feeling good. The same can be said for our body shapes; if you wear something that suits our frame you are going to feel far better than something you’ve squeezed into or looks like you’re wearing a tent. Basically, be yourself.

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Robbie Canale
Robbie Canale

Robbie Canale is a freelance writer and stylist with a passion for football and fashion, two genres he knows should never go together! He has contributed to publications including Harper's Bazaar Arabia, GQ Dubai and Pickles football magazine.



  • pritesh


    awesome. This word suits you.
    I dont like reading but this is the only thing that I am reading everyday.
    I am only 5’3″. And little bald.

    I have no idea how to wear formal and which color.
    pls suggest me some good color. For formal for casual and formal.

    thanks and regards

  • Hans

    And what about skinny (non muscular) men?

  • Mohamed Wally

    …hello just wanna sey I love the article quite inspiring ok am slim n tall n skinny kindly advise on what to wear from formal to casual clothes….

    • Chafik

      Hi Mohammed Waly.
      First of all, it’s personal to you how you like to be perceived by others and the colors that suits your skin complexion.
      For a tall, slim guy first thing to look at is the body proportion.
      I would suggest low waist jeans or trousers so the legs don’t show too long and a fitted jacket not too long but stands slightly above the waste so the fit harmonize with the rest. A fitted shirt preferably white, light blue or any neutral color and a thin tie if you choose to wear a suit. As for shoes, derby classic or with buckles if wearing a suit and boots either suede or leather if wearing casual. As for week-ends, flat shoes trainers like slim jeans, vneck jumper with a mi length coat. Don’t forget to add accessories such as scarf, sunglasses if needed and a nice watch.
      I hope this helps you choosing the right outfit

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