Don’t Make Double Denim Drab

How to pull off double denim and make yourself look good.

Autumn is the denim season, and hey it’s perfectly OK if you really want to wear a lot of it. One way to see what you could look like is to get some good  inspiration from influencers and street-style bloggers, as they have found ways of making double denim not only look good streetwise, but  also in a way to bring a great workwear look.

So, if you’re grabbing something to wear and fancy the denim on denim look, you’re already going to turn a few heads if you get the look right. Keep everything simple, double denim will always look good if you add pristine white sneakers, and if you want to wear your denim jacket is encouraged, and no longer reserved for the bad boy. 

Wear it in its raw form, and  as long as you follow a few rules. You can wear cropped jeans but with sneakers, trainers but with leather shoes if you’re looking for a more smart casual look, all these will fit the bill. And if you’re going to wear denim in two similar hues in tandem then make sure that they are in nice clean indigo denim, or  you can keep your indigo mixing to the top half as long as you stick with separate shades of each.

And let’s get things straight: doubling down on denim doesn’t just mean the blue hues. You can mix up other colours in denim, blacks, greys, you know that nice black denim jacket would look cool with a pair of decent Levi jeans. Just because you’re rocking black denim doesn’t mean that tonal mixing will go out the window. In fact black and grey is a great way to embrace your inner retro style! Want to go into the 70s surfers trend of bleached light blues or acid wash, think of that laid-back lifestyle and mix it up with a similar coloured denim shirt but twin with darker denim trainers.

It’s also a great way to wear denim on the weekend, you know jeans and jacket or that denim or chambray shirt that’s been lurking in the back of your wardrobe. Throw on a sweater around your shoulders if the day is a little colder. But, if you don’t want to end up looking like your dad from back in the day, you’ll need to step up your denim game.