Designing The Perfect Decor For Your Home

So you finally have the perfect place to call your home, or you’re looking for renovation ideas. Either way, setting the tone of your house and designing it with the perfect decor is a task you have on your table. 

One of the most important things to consider with your home decor is how you plan to use that space? If you’re the only one ever going to be home, then you want an entirely different plan than if you are thinking about having people over and entertaining regularly. 

Prioritize Your Room Use

Think about how you plan to use each room before deciding how you want it to look. 

You want to have elements and colors that compliment each other. Otherwise, your place could look like a patchwork of furniture, paint, and accessories thrown together without much thought. 

Once you decide that you may entertain people in the living room or an indoor parlor, the next step is deciding on those rooms’ design and color scheme. 

Neutral tones such as dark colors such as brown, gray, dark blue, and black go well for these types of rooms. Pair those dark, neutral tones with textures like metal, stone, and wood with fabrics such as leather and dark upholstery.

Also, shop for comfort and style in the rooms you plan on utilizing the most. Add accents to walls to make the space inviting for you and your guests. 

Brighten The Room

Conversely, a little light in the room will do wonders. Consider using lighting to enhance the room’s mood, and look to include open windows and doors to improve natural lighting. 

Brightening the room right after discussing the need to be using dark, neutral colors may seem contradictory, but the more you use dark tones and textures, the more important you have adequate lighting. 

Otherwise, you end up with a dingy-looking space with a cave-like motif, unless that’s what you’re trying to achieve. 

One tip to brighten the space and open up the room is to add lighting elements like track lighting and a large wall mirror to create a fresh, open vibe throughout the room.

Use Negative Space

Sometimes less truly is more. Using the concept of negative space in designing your rooms is a great suggestion to help keep your room from feeling too cluttered. 

The idea of negative space is to use the lack of items to help make those others “pop” in the room. It has the added benefit of making a room more spacious and inviting while simultaneously making it feel less crowded. 

To create negative space in a room, start first with the functional elements. Furniture is the most practical in a room, so position them as its highlight. For example, a centered coach with a running table is more inviting than being placed against a wall. 

Part of the trick here is to find items that can double as functional and aesthetic. For example, a sitting chair with a small end table may tie the room together better than a lazy boy sitting in a corner. 

Organize And Declutter

Using Bluetooth speakers is another way to organize your rooms, declutter the space, and set moods to let you relax, socialize, or entertain. 

Utilizing negative space also helps you organize the room and help declutter it of unnecessary tchotchkes. 

Unless you need to highlight something in the room, say a guitar collection, it’s better to have those items tucked away in a separate room or in their cases. 

If you want to showcase your collection, then guitar wall hangers and stands will help you accentuate the instruments while also keeping your space organized. 

However you go about designing the decor for each room of the house, your focus should be on how you plan to utilize the space, keep the area clear of clutter, highlight those things that matter, and keep the room light and airy. 

If the DIY style doesn’t work for you, shop around to find a designer that fits your budget and can accommodate your preferred choice. 

Chances are they will do a great job, but it will cost you. Instead, you can always stay DIY, throw some paint on the walls, sparsely decorate the space, hang a couple of pictures up, and voila! You have a wholly different room.