Designer Focus: Labour of Love

Upstarting fashion labels are always the most exciting, and Labour of Love is the newest brand entering the highly competitive high fashion / street-wear crossover market. Specialising in menswear, womenswear and childrenswear, the brand aims to create pieces that are dynamic and unusual, by staying true to its ethos of creating clothes for creative and unpredictable lifestyles.

love 22

Founded in 2004 in Islington, the brand has since moved with the times and has just launched their e-commerce site to further expand their market. They offer everything from simple basics to printed outerwear, allowing pieces to be mixed and matched to create unique looks.

love 33

The triangular geometric print is a recurring theme for this latest collection, and features on everything from cowl neck scarves to parka jackets and knitwear. It stands out against the block colour t-shirts and monochrome jeans and trousers as a great way to differentiate your look.

love 44

Labour of Love is more than just a clothing brand however. Also on their website is their blog with articles about art, culture, music and fashion, making them a more universal lifestyle brand, rather than just another fashionable street-wear brand.

There is a definite focus, not on just clothes, but on a more general practice of inspiring creativity and sharing it with people who want to interact with the brand – this isn’t just a normal exchange between consumer and producer.

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Also central to the ethos of Labour of Love is a commitment to using quality materials and constructing their clothes properly. As a relatively new brand, it can be difficult to convince people to part their money and spend it on things that don’t come with an established name.

This focus on quality and the effort that is spent designing their clothes sets Labour of Love apart from other brands and justifies the price points of their clothes. The full range is available to view and purchase at