DEFACTO – Valentines gifts to suit his personality

When it comes to looking for that little ‘extra’ Valentine’s gift, it’s time to go a little forward-thinking and buy something that you know is great for guys. The shacket, or ‘shirt jacket’ to you, and for those of you that aren’t sure what it is, it’s a cross between a shirt and jacket, sometimes called an overshirt. The shacket is a great way to layer up, a versatile piece that works well with jeans and a sweater as equally well with a more elevated look.

How to wear it well: Made from usually thicker material and a slightly looser fit, way nicer than a regular shirt, like a jacket that comes with two chest pockets and bigger buttons, and the practicality of these newbies is that you can wear them with anything, under a coat this winter, over a tee in the spring, and whenever you like really in any season and it’s that versatility that makes the shacket a real firm favourite, particularly when trying to master the always-tricky transitional weather.

So a shacket would make the most perfect Valentine’s gift. What guy wouldn’t want something to wear that’s good looking, practical and this one we have right here is the inspiration to finally add a shacket style to his wardrobe.

Relax fit long sleeve stamp shacket:

This great looking shacket in winters-to-spring colour of bordeaux will solve all those pesky wardrobe problems in a cinch, and probably all the rest of your wardrobe dilemmas he’s had for the past few seasons, and will give any guy the inspiration to finally add this style jacket to his wardrobe rotation. This one will break in better than his best pair of jeans.
So is it a jacket? Is it a shirt? Who really cares?! Just buy the damn thing!

Sustainable Apple Leather Backpack:

A minimalist and sustainable leather backpack made from ’Apple leather’
This was started in 2004 by Alberto Volcan, who persevered in seeing potential in commercial products, joined forces with Frumat a company specialising in the recycling of industrial waste. After developing vegetable glue, he placed it through a pasta machine and made the basis of apple leather! This was made viable by going onto to make it durable and waterproof and a game-changer in the industry.

A neutral wardrobe is a not-so-secret style trick that makes any guy’s life a lot easier in the morning, and grabbing a to-go backpack that will go with everything is a major plus. It’s a sporty way to put some calming saturation into his life, and this one is great at carrying all any guy’s work-to-play gear around, it is never a wrong move, it’s roomy, pocket-laden and will double as the nicest luggage any guy will own.
Office-friendly, age-agnostic, durable and, while incredible luxe, isn’t impossible to find for a great price too, when you’re looking for that perfect Valentines present that’s a fashion god’s gift to men everywhere.

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