Cycling Style Inspiration

With a resurgence in cycling over the past decade; the intrinsic relationship between fashion and this principal means of transportation has formed a strong stylistic bond. Today people from all walks of life around the world take to their saddle for a spot of cycling whether it is to work, exploring a city break or just out and about at the weekend.

The leisurely nature of cycling has essentially influenced future sportswear trends, giving a nod to retro nostalgia and welcoming a revival of forgotten racing stripes. Aside from the recommended visual safety regulations that should be adhered to i.e. high visibility and don’t forget your helmet!

In todays article, we explore a variety of unconventional cycle friendly looks for you to try the next time you hop on your bike.

Who Says The Suits Are Out

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Taking a relaxed approach to fashion in modern culture, men have finally mastered the art of eclectic style. Mis-matching trousers, prints, colour and the formality of pieces in order to achieve a unique statement. For the traditionalist with little time on his hands, a well-fitting suit with good quality tailoring doesn’t need to be compromised for his chosen means of transport. Who knew?! It’s a misconception that suits aren’t practical; in fact they are highly versatile and never go out of style.

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A suit can be easily adapted for cycling; choose a light durable fabric with a tapered or cropped trouser. With so many branded styles available from the traditional, to modern and bespoke, embrace this typically formal attire as it can accentuate your current wardrobe.

Perfect for a light bike run up to the office, or a whiz into town to meet friends for dinner; mixed tailoring is guaranteed to compliment your fast paced lifestyle. The classic suit has essentially come a long way since the early 20th century, mix & match signature jackets with smart timeless trousers to give an edge to your look.


linen breasted blazergarda lapel suitsb1 notch jacket

tonic blend jackettonic blend trouserstailored bonham jacket

savile row tonicsavile trouserspique suits jackets

shorezt trousersrolling wool blazersdogstooth jacket

If you don’t feel confident enough to pull off a typical smart suit, opt for more relaxed tailoring and wool joggers.

white gingham shirtbonded knitted blazersmart joggers jersey

pesci kurt geigerlittle black backpacksskagen black watch

C Is For Casually Comfortable

Depending on how serious you consider your cycling; all these factors help to initiate and make your style choices before you hop on your bike. The most important thing is you feel at ease in what you are wearing, comfortable and ready to take on whatever is awaiting you on leaving the house.

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Everyone has their own individual style preferences, a good jacket, well fitting chinos or a spacious backpack for all the day’s essentials. Dressing for the weather is inevitable, layer up and go with your instincts. You can get away with wearing brighter colours and prints to your advantage, as it will be easier to see you on the road.

Relaxed style is easy to achieve if you stay true to yourself and consistently choose pieces that will work well with your current daily mix of garments. Shop these highbrow good quality pieces for all weather conditions.

raeburn jacketgore tex jacketselvedged denim jeans

longline bomber jacketssweat pantsultra down parka

dempsey sweatshirtauderly block jumperrose printed shorts

Choose easy to wear laidback separates for your bike trip, with unusual attention to detail.

tribal camo liningnewport straight chinohooded burgundy jacket

burns brownwater resistant backpackgiant strap watch

Retro Age

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With the weather’s recent significant improvement it’s finally starting to feel like spring. A tempting thought to imagine the coming summer months, soon in July the Tour De France Grand Départ 2014 will be kicking off across Yorkshire. Forever the enthusiast of this fantastic annual cycling event, in high anticipation nostalgic sportswear styles will once more be catapulted into the limelight.

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Retro stripes and cycling attire has somehow retained consistently strong fashion longevity over decades, appealing to new and original fans as well as enthusiasts who are just interested in the rainbow clobber. The great thing about retro colours is that they are iconic and timeless. Shop these ace garments to inject a retro sport edge into your wardrobe…

artisan polomulti striped shirtcycling shirts

sportif cyclingblocking striped teeblue mesh tee

When your out and about, go for the classic combination of a nostalgic sportswear jersey teamed with modern high quality relaxed pieces.

la grande jerseylive cuff chinosgarbstore leather

armani zip raincoatfred messenger bagblend scarfs


Just because you cycle doesn’t mean you should compromise your everyday day style for lycra and leggings. There are so many style options out there waiting for you to try, think outside the box and always consider comfort and durability. Have fun experimenting with layering, trying out some retro jerseys or even taking your new suit out for a test ride!