The absolute best hair shampoo for your crowning glory, guys!

So do you think about skipping a shampoo every few showers? You may think that all a shampoo does is just clean it, and make it smell a little better, but actually how it works is a little more mysterious. Do you ever think what shampoo is best for your hair type, probably not. Yet a good shampoo is actually the key contributor to your looks. Yes we are talking about shampoo!

You can invest as much as you like on shampoo but as a rule, the more you spend the higher the quality of the product. So how much time have you spent on really choosing a shampoo for your hair, do you tend to give it little thought and tend to fend it off as if it’s just a hair wash? Well you should think about what you’re washing your hair with, after all it is your crowning glory. 

Shampoos for normal hair won’t actually strip your natural oils for most hair and scalp as they are typically gentle and this type of shampoo works well for most guys, but Credence is different as a lot of shampoos are formulated with sulphate based detergents, which is, believe it or not a common ingredient found in household cleaning products, and some come with heavy conditioning agents which could saturate and weigh your poor hair down.

Credence IS different. They have formulated 3 types of shampoos that have been especially made for  you guys by hair experts. These are all exclusively enriched with Nature Bolster™ which to us untrained mortals means the shampoos are made with a quality blend of renowned skin and hair ingredients which have naturally derived cleansers and conditioners, organic oats, British hops and wheat protein. Sounds so good. Also dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin, and was actually, and tested on volunteers with sensitive skin over a 48hr period, and passed with the top 0 rating for skin irritancy – so can be classed as non-irritant.

So there are three shampoos to choose from, with 3 very distinctive masculine scents for you to choose from. Each scent will give you a hair wash like never before and leave your hair infused with real and premium essences to give you a confident and lasting impression. You can buy them individually or as a set, no matter what your hair type.

RICH: Made with oud, cedarwood and spiced bergamot. Great for business days where you want to make a strong statement.

FRESH: Made with vetiver, orange and wild lemon. Radiant and fresh, a perfect week-to-weekend shampoo.

WARM: Made cardamom, jasmine and black vanilla. With creamy and seductive notes, a strong and perfect shampoo for evenings with friends or date night.

If you can’t decide, why not buy all three in a Credence set, or think about a perfect gift for that special person on  their birthday or even Christmas! 

Clamouring throngs of adoring fans very much not included!