Congratulations, you’ve just layered up: Point Zero

This winter, switch up your style with Point Zero. You can think of it as your one-stop to a totally new shop for a lesson is not only laid-back, modern puffer coats, but an everyday style that will inject some serious style and freshness into your wardrobe.

Not all puffers are made equal, but the best ones are made from Point Zero, one of Canada’s main and leading ready-to-wear brands for both men and women, with a speciality in their outdoor coats. Bringing a Canadian spirit to winter weather, you need a coat that will make  you realize that you need something that is just a little more special. A puffer. Luckily help is at hand with more and more of you turning to wear ethically made options from companies. traceable down, responsibly sourced down recycled,etc: 

Point Zero steps up with puffer coats designed to keep you warm and protected,

Creating a buzz with the recent collaboration with Point Zero by Maurice Benisti and Selfridges as part of its Project Earth sustainability initiative. This collection for Selfridges has neutral utilitarian colours, lightweight, made with mixed media quilting with utility pockets, these coats will not only keep you snug but dry.

The art of layering in a complicated business and as well all know there is a subtle skill to it. You need a coat for layering goals, and the rest of the outfit is simply a case of balance. Eco-down is the priority from Point Zero as they are made from recycled water bottles, helping to eliminate the plastic waste that we all know is in our oceans, through innovative technology. With the water bottles shredded into small flakes, processed into yarn that is used to fill the coat, here is where you get a high warmth retention of up to – 30 degrees celsius, and that’s why they are the best for layering, so their coats are one of the most aesthetically flexible and most practical on the market.

One of the easiest and coolest ways to build up a layered look is to think of colour. Zero Point x Selfridges have a range of colours and styles in this collection, from dip-dyed, 

two-tone, metallic, puffer jackets to coats. As a general rule you’ll want a roomier silhouette that plays around with length and creates a layered look with an air of nonchalance. With this in mind, an oversized quilted parka coat will fit the bill perfectly. Sleek puffer coats that are water-resistant are great to get you around the city in the coldest months, looking good as you go about your day, built with looks that never go out of style.

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