Summer might get the hype, but eyewear is a seasonless essential

So, you’re trying to find the perfect glasses, albeit glasses that you need because you can’t read or see much or the perennial sunglasses to keep out the sun glare, stops you squinting and certainly turn up your style notch. So the big question is, which glasses to buy, do you go for round, oval square, aviators, cats eye? The shapes are boundless, but don’t be afraid to venture out a little from your usual style. You never know until you try them on just how good you look.

Take into consideration your facial features, as your face is a bit of a combination that can morph a little, you may grow a beard, or shave it off, or lose or gain weight in your face, but your face will still be basically the same basic shape as you get older. In the end, finding eyewear for you is about finding where your style and personality intersect with frame shapes that flatters your face. If you find a couple of different styles that you like, you can have one for your everyday eyewear and a different style for your sunglasses..

We have chosen three amazing and stylish glasses for your face shape, but Christopher Cloos Eyewear has an amazing selection for you to browse through.

Square face shape: A square shape face is about as wide as it is long, with a square jawline – not bad  look guys.You can easily rock darker frames with a more streamlined silhouette and given your facial angles try looking at rounder lenses, thinner frames and adding some more colour in your frames. Try a little slant or curve more horizontal than vertical streamlining, these are going to be your best bet. Oversized frames can swallow your face up!

Try: A classic square frame in glossy brown like the Mala – Espresso  glasses that’s a perfect finishing touch to your long summer days style.

Oval face shape: If you’re blessed with a classic shape you can pretty much get away with wearing anything. You don’t have to worry about wearing big eyewear and dwarfing your face, or going too small and round or even geometric. Whether you’re looking to add a cool factor to your everyday street style look or dress up your wardrobe event, a round metal frame with dark gradient lens as sunglasses prove to be a versatile option Oval is the model these funky eyewear is made for.

Try: Sleek round frames with a vintage feel like the Paloma – Champagne Blue Light glasses. With light protection lenses for a timeless wardrobe staple.

Heart face shape: 

Sometimes known as the ‘triangle’ shape due to a slightly broader forehead tapering into a pointed chin. So, do heart shaped faces look good in round frames, Absolutely, the soft rounded contours will no doubt create that perfect contrast against the angles of your face. Elongated oval lenses often look just right, with sporty, clean horizontal lines sporty, clean, horizontal lines of oval lenses look just right on a long heart shaped-face.

Try: For the modern guy add some eye-catching Pacifica – Grey Tonic sunglasses for a retro-inspired silhouette

Round face shape:

Having a lot in common with the square face, dominant characteristics are width equal length, but as you get older this may soften the jawline and turn it around. Try to avoid eyewear that is overly large, and look for shapes that balance the curves with straight lines. Think horizontal dark glasses with a little curve at each end are great at flattering your face. Aviators will look good too.

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