Christmas Jumpers To Wear This Season

It’s one of the most talked about and sought after garments this season – Christmas just isn’t complete without a festive jumper. Whether you’re on the fence and hate the idea of it or you’re on the lookout for this year’s knit to wear over the holidays – we have a collection of festive knits to share with you.

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Here at MFM we love nothing more than taking a look at current trends, hunting for the best pieces and sharing our style tips with you. And here we give you fair warning – if you dislike Christmas jumpers after reading you may have a change of heart.

Fair Isle

Traditionally from a small Scottish island, the Fair Isle features intricate mosaic patterns and was first popularised in the early 20th century. Worn not just at Christmas to add a vintage festive edge, the Fair Isle knit is essentially a timeless staple that has never ceased to date.

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With so many brands and designers hitting up this style, there is an incredible amount of choice out there waiting for you to try in the shops. Feast your eyes on these ace knits to wear this Christmas – that will carry on through to the New Year!

The great thing about these knits is if you’re quite against the novelty style of Christmas, you can look and feel festive without a room of eyes on you.

navy fair islepheasant jumperblend cashmere isle

esprit jumperspeter jensen jumpersmicrofleece jumper


With the Christmas jumper taking centre stage over the past few years; designers continue to push fashion boundaries by incorporating modern pattern, prints and digital processes. The re-invention of the Christmas jumper has led to geometric shapes, animals and quotes stitched and embellished creating an array of eye-catching originality.

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With a jumper that is out and guaranteed to be catered to every guy’s individual taste and personal style, you have no choice but to find the perfect knit especially for yourself. With so much on the high-street take a look at these modern masterpieces…

motif kenzo jumperssanta intarsia jumperlondon crewneck sweater

bear knit jumperschristmas lambswoolsanta face jumpers


In recent years the tradition of the Christmas jumper has been catapulted into the ridiculous, eccentric and silly spectrum. Knits have increasingly become more outlandish and tactile with innovative approaches to craft and embellishment.

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With Christmas celebrations widely spreading throughout the shops and the novelty festive knit being highly contagious; you won’t be stuck for inspiration when searching for that knit for the office party. Whether you love or loathe over the top Christmas clobber take a look at these garments guaranteed to make you laugh with a belly full of jelly.

squeeky nosefunny xmas jumpernutkracker design

mickey mouse printsoulcal jumperselfie elfie

One Last Note

Whether we’ve convinced you to shop a Christmas jumper this month or sent you running; we hope you’ve enjoyed our style guide to festive knits. With so many variations, prints, patterns and colours; this Christmas your style can be understated, fun, traditional, eclectic or kitsch. Have fun shopping for a statement Christmas jumper for yourself or a gift for someone who will absolutely love or loathe it.