CAT Footwear Generations

Celebrating a rich history of heritage workwear CAT Footwear follows five grafters as they go about their craft inspired by the generation that came before.

CAT Footwear Generations continues the precedent set by the previous Grafters campaign exploring new fields and crafts spotlighting five individuals from make-up artists, upholsterers to potters and photographers. Each grafter featured takes inspiration from the older generations within their family whether they absorbed interests from their environment or worked directly with parents and grandparents to continue a creative legacy.

Echoing the campaign’s ethos each grafter wears the iconic CAT Footwear silhouette, the Colorado 2.0 in both Honey Reset and Black colourways. The instantly recognisable style represents CAT Footwear’s workwear heritage and offers expert craftsmanship further reflecting the campaign’s spirit of quality and creativity. The classic workwear boot was developed with comfort in mind while sporting a clean aesthetic allowing the boots to incorporate into a range of styles suited for a day at the studio, factory or office.

Over the past few weeks, each grafter allowed us to step into their world providing personal insight into their respective field, their approach to work and how family enabled their creativity and, in some cases, founded it. The creative fields explored offer a range of perspectives on how previous generations inspire and enable innovation, originality and the graft.

Nadia: Based in South East London, Upholstery by Nads has grown from a love of all things interior that goes back to Nads’ childhood. Nadia was initially introduced to Upholstery when her grandma shipped a sofa from her home in Cyprus and reupholstered it in a baby pink satin. Her grandparents also owned a factory in Dalston where Nadia would spend time throughout her childhood. Now, with 5 years of experience in the industry, Nads brings to life her visions creating beautiful, handmade pieces for others to love.

Will Beach: Photographer & director, founder of own creative studio Twice Round, championing the talent of the future on the London scene. Will’s passion for the arts began at home, his grandma being a painter with her artwork displayed throughout the house. His father, an auctioneer, had a number of vintage cameras and artbooks coming through the auction house which Louie was able to utilise to start his career in photography.

Yong-chin Marika Breslin: Make-up artist and winner of season 4 of BBC’s Glow up.


Her experience working

within the fashion industry follows a natural transition into working on editorial stories and directing beauty submissions. From fashion shows to singular clients, her zeitgeist idea of beauty depicts the use of unconventional materials when designing make-up. Yong-chin’s mum holds a heavy influence over her creativity ensuring she held true to her Asian heritage growing up. Taking inspiration from the intricate designs,

embellishments and perfectionism found in Asian art.

Freya Bramble-Carter: London-based ceramics artist, known for creating contemporary designs, often strongly inspired by a balancing flow of femininity and masculinity, appreciative of the power of nature and the universe we live in. Freya’s work ranges from fine homewares including plates and bowls to large outdoor sculptural pieces, water features for interior or outdoor spaces. Freya grew up watching her father work and after adopting his skillset, she now shares a studio with him in Kilburn where they work together welcoming new artists for collaboration allowing them both to grow creatively as a duo, with their studio acting as a second home.


Louie Akinwale: Luxury sustainable handbag designer, inspired by his Nigerian/British heritage and family, championing cultural patterns and unconventional designs. Gaining traction on the Fashion scene Louie follows in his mother’s footsteps watching her at the sewing machine as a child working as a seamstress making ankaras. Now she designs the labels for each bag and stitches them on by hand working with Louie to continue the family’s legacy in design.