Casino fashion: the accessories and clothing you need to succeed

Knowing what to wear to a poker tournament really does make a big difference. Whether you’re an experienced professional or new on the casino scene, dressing right for a poker event can change the way you play — and ultimately lead to bigger, and better, wins. 

There are many different styles of playing poker. Here’s how to dress your best for the one that suits you!


Also known as loose-passive players, the carefree lot are there, for the most part, to sit back, relax and enjoy the game for game’s sake. They’re known to limp into lots of pots, call raises to see a flop, are rarely aggressive in their plays and would rather watch others take the risks.

Players in the carefree category are often beginners or otherwise seasoned pros with a non-committal attitude when it comes to make a win. They play with a ‘let the chips fall where they may’ mentality; which, with a bit of luck, can still lead to some big wins. 

A carefree player should dress in a comfortable style that is smart enough to suit multiple venues. Dark jeans, brown polished shoes and a jacket will make the transition from the poker table to the restaurant, bar and back again an easy transition. This player needs to feel like they can float from the table to whatever tickles their fancy after a long session. 

A single-toned shirt is a sophisticated look and appropriate for most occasions; leaving the tie out reflects their relaxed approach to the game. 


Like the carefree player, a cautious player is passive — in this case, tight-passive — when it comes to their form of play. Typically, a cautious player won’t play many pots, will call pre-flop when they find a hand that suits them and fold quickly at any sign of aggression for fear of losing. Cautious players won’t take many chances and will play meticulously and with great care. 

The best style for cautious players is a formal one. A clean-lined look with a smart suit and tie will signify how serious they are about the game — and potentially deceive opponents who might otherwise notice their timidness. It’s important for cautious players to dress to impress; the confidence their style can give them will help them take a few risks, that they might need when it comes to winning big. 

For added success, bring along a pair of fashionable sunglasses. It’s a great way for new, or more cautious, players to hide their tells from the more experienced and aggressive players at the table. Once you’ve got your confidence built up a few rounds in, take them off for a dramatic – and effective – stare down. 


The reckless player takes a loose-aggressive approach. They play a wide range of hands, have a tendency to raise or re-raise pre-flop and will often bet on most flops. These players are extremely difficult to read as they raise without much logic, use their chips as weapons in the game, constantly apply pressure on their opponents and are known to bluff most of the time. 

For those that play poker with a reckless style, a ‘more smart than casual’ look will keep opponents on their toes. Start with a formal look and dress down with a more casual or quirky accent piece. 

Try a pair of statement sneakers (white or black work best), or swap a blazer for a casual jacket — leather, bomber or Harrington will all suit the look. Swapping suit trousers for chinos is also a great option for a reckless player, as are more unconventional accessories like casino-themed cufflinks. 

Whatever you choose, just remember to keep the focus on formal and add only one or two playful elements into the mix. If the outfit is too crazy, your opponents might identify, and take advantage of, their manic form of play. With the right combination, a reckless player can keep the bluff going until they get the results they want.

No matter how you play – and what you wear – it’s important to always be comfortable.

With the air conditioning on full blast in Las Vegas, it can be cold at a poker table, so dress in layers. A hoodie or light jacket is always great to have on hand for an extended poker session. 

Long sessions means that tight or ill-fitted clothing can become uncomfortable over time; you don’t want to have to leave the table because of your attire! Discomfort is also a great way for opponents to read your tells, ultimately jeopardising your chances at a big win. 

Some people enjoy poker table conversations — but it’s always good to have the option of drowning them out. Get comfortable and in the zone with a pair of headphones or earbuds through which you can listen to your favourite playlist. That way, you won’t miss a beat when it comes to game play. 

Finally, bring a watch. Most casinos don’t have clocks, so pick out one that suits you — for both style as well as functionality!