Careers for Men That You Might Not Have Thought About

There are many traditional careers for men that you might immediately have thought about when deciding on a career for yourself, especially if you chose your career path when you were relatively young or if you were influenced by other people when you did this. However, there are many more career options than the ones that might immediately have come to mind. As such, here are some of the best careers for men that you might not have thought about and how you can get into some of these professions. 

  1. Nurse 

When you think of a nurse, you might think of a woman in the role. However, there is a great demand for male nurses, not only because some people might prefer to be treated by a male nurse but also because there is a giant nursing shortage around the world, which means that men are now being encouraged to think about the opportunities that a career in nursing might present to you. A career in nursing is fast-paced and high-pressure, like any office job or other medical roles like that of a surgeon, and yet it is incredibly rewarding, as you will be directly interacting with patients and helping them to live a better quality of life throughout their illness. As such, if you think that you have the compassion and stamina that being a nurse demands, you should consider looking at the various nursing qualifications that you will need. After you have acquired the basic qualifications, you might then decide that you want to specialize and become a family nurse practitioner, at which point you will need a post-Masters certificate online from Spring Arbor University to move your career forward. As such, if you want a stable career that allows you to help other people, becoming a nurse might be the right option for you, whatever the stereotypes may be. 

  1. Teacher 

When you were younger, all of your friends and the people around you might have been pushing you to become a doctor or a lawyer, and you may soon have forgotten the opportunities and rewards that being a teacher can give you. Being a teacher is a great job role as it can allow you to share your passion for a certain subject with large groups of young people and even adults and ensure that your knowledge and enthusiasm are passed on to another generation. Being a teacher may require you to work hard for long hours of the day and requires both organization and public speaking, but being a teacher can also allow you to find fun and engaging ways to teach your favorite subjects and inspire a classroom full of people. In fact, for many teachers, there is nothing better than a student suddenly understanding a topic that they have been struggling with because of the teacher’s guidance and patience. Teachers also work in a variety of environments, from schools and universities to prisons. As such, if you think that being a teacher might be right for you, you should look further into the qualifications and experience that are needed to become a teacher today, with it being possible on some schemes to work while you train and learn yourself. 

  1. Gardener

Although you might believe that it seems a bit too idyllic to spend all of your time outdoors tending to flowers and plants, becoming a gardener requires a great amount of physical strength and energy all day long, and you will also have to work through weather conditions that are less than perfect, including through rain and snow. However, gardening is a much healthier job than many other sedentary options, and so you should not be put off by the sometimes grueling nature of the job. Instead, you should think about how gardening can allow you to not only perfect the local residential gardens in your area but also preserve and upkeep historic and public gardens near you, allowing you to carry on learning and indulge in your passion for nature. As such, you should get started in gardening today by practicing in your own garden and starting to get more experience around your neighborhood, and even getting an apprenticeship in the field. 

  1. Writer

If you are a creative person, then you might consider looking at career paths such as that of a writer. Although you might believe that being a writer is not a particularly stable career path and that there are other careers that can provide you with much more stability, becoming a writer is an excellent career option, as there are lots of roles within many industries, from science to retail and marketing. The best element of being a writer is that you will be able to work from anywhere and you will usually be able to find jobs of a freelance nature, which can be advantageous, as they can allow you to fit your work around your other priorities and can ensure that you can enjoy flexible working where you can work as much or as little as you want to, as well as set your own deadlines. Although anyone can become a writer, you might try to start a blog and create a portfolio of your work, or try to write for publications as this will allow you to build up your resumé. 

  1. Actor

Although not everyone can become a Hollywood A-lister, there are many other types of acting jobs around, including those in historical and tourist attractions. For instance, you may be able to work as an actor in dungeon attractions and theme parks, and the need for actors increases around special events such as Halloween and during the school breaks. As such, you should consider whether your acting skills are good enough to take part in some of these events and look for permanent positions near you that can allow you to enjoy work and spend your working day being someone else. All you need to do to ensure that you are taken seriously as this type of actor, and even to be an extra in a film, is to take acting classes, try out amateur theatre in your area, and get experience in acting at your local fright nights and other events.