Brutus and Dr. Martens Part III

After two successful seasons, Brutus and Dr. Martens have collaborated for a third season – Part III. Following on from previous collaborative success, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

These iconic brands have introduced two Brutus Trimfit shirts in a classic Dr. Marten palette of oxblood and yellow check patterns (colours prominent on Dr. Marten boots and shoes) as part of their SS14 collection.

Staying true to their style, the shirts will be amalgamated with a coordinated checked handkerchief paying homage to both brands’ cult of image conscious individuals. These new shirt designs will still incorporate all the renowned detail of the original Trimfit shirt including the double button dart vented sleeves and to the back of the shirt and the three finger collar.


Both Brutus and Dr.Martens have been part of British subculture since the 60’s and both are still going. These serial collaborators have shown us that what they do best is still working and classic styles never really goes out of fashion.