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Brand Watch – Superglamourous Shoes

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Guys, we’re huge fans of high quality men’s shoes right now and following on from our Scarosso article, we’ve discovered a new brand you need to keep a close eye on. Finding a good pair of timeless shoes for men can be tricky, but once you catch a glimpse of a pair from Superglamourous, there is no doubt you will fall in love. This Italian based brand is the epitome of everything it’s name stands for: super glamorous foot wear for the modern man. Once you get your hands on a pair of these hand-crafted masterpieces, you will always find an occasion to wear them as its courageous designs will be sure to last through the ever-changing trends and seasons.

Designer Riccardo Libertino’s designs are not only marvelous but are bordering on perfection, often holding the same poise and craftsmanship as the world’s leading shoe designer, Christian Louboutin. Although the resemblance can often seem uncanny between the pair, Superglamourous is an up and coming name that will be sure to establish itself as a first class global fashion brand in absolutely no time! With every shoe crafted to every last detail, you wouldn’t know whether you were looking at a work of art or merely just a shoe for one’s feet.

From studs, to magnificent designs, there is something in the collection for any type of man. Although a few may seem outrageous for some, daring dressers will find it incredibly difficult to pick just one they want. From leopard pony-hair  to black velvet with studs, the choices are endless. However endless they may be though, every single pair from the collection are an embodiment of absolute glamour, refined to the ultimate elegance with it’s genuine leather lining and soles, ensuring these shoes will stay in beautiful condition for a very long period of time.

It was very hard to pick just a few of my top picks, but three from the collection are stand outs that will not complete your outfit, but make it entirely. The camo ponyhair flats, called ‘Panama’, takes the masculinity of camo to complete a pair of boyishly handsome shoes, sure to catch an eye or two wherever you decide to wear them. The black cotton velvet flats with studs all over, also called ‘Superdubai’, is incredibly classic. The studs add a modern day rebellious edge but the shoes however, remain as timeless as the traditional suede flats. The suede flats come in a variety of great colours, from purple to a simple vanilla, with it’s tassels reminiscent of the Hollywood golden era.

Superdubai Flat ShoesPanama Flat ShoesYale Flat Shoes Smoke

Check out the official website of Superglamourous (spelt GLAMOURous) to find yourself a pair of these must-have shoes designed by the creative genius that Riccardo Libertino. Any man of fashion will feel rewarded to include a pair of these ageless beauties in their shoe collection. They are absolutely not to be missed!

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    Thank you very much guys! Hope all your follower love our handmade shoes!

  • hossein

    this is a very informative article about a great product.
    javid writes with such ease and so seamlessly that information flows out of the article.
    love the superglamourous shoes, and would like to have one ….

  • jun

    Is there a flagshop in singapore?

    • Paul McGregor
      Paul McGregor

      Afraid not. But you can order them online :)


      Sure you can customize your own Made to Order Superglamourous x FSC here:


      28 Ann Siang Road
      The Club Hotel
      Singapore 069708

      Tel: +65 6225 6016
      Fax: +65 6225 9336

  • Lawrence

    Love these super glam shoes. Yes, they are daring for a man, but beautiful and edgy! Any other men fall in love with these?


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