Brand Watch: London Undercover

Here at MFM we don’t consider ourselves to be friendly or even tolerant of the rain, and in an unfortunate twist of climactic fate the heavens have opened and the rain descends upon our disgruntled heads. So sick are we of the amount of umbrellas that are broken during high winds, and how often we have to dance around the abandoned and broken brollys that lay in a crumpled mess along our pavements. We decided it was time to introduce you to a relatively new brand that has made it their mission to reinvent the once trusty and faithful British brolly.

london 001

London Undercover was established in 2008 by the designer Jamie Milestone with the idea that the umbrella needed reinvention and reinstating into its rightful position as a fashion accessory. The celebration of Britishness is at the core of many trends this autumn and this is what London Underground are making their focus. What was and in some ways still is seen as a last minute, disposable and ultimately boring item is now being brought to life through new designs and ideas. Compared to what is currently available, there is a huge niche and essentially a blank canvas for artistic expression and a chance to encourage people to enjoy and take pride in what is a forgotten piece of British iconography. It brings new life into the idea of a gentleman’s umbrella whilst still maintaining the trusty and hardy piece of equipment, and then adding a dash of British flamboyance into the mix.

london 002

Using traditional age-old techniques, London Undercover creates its pieces using only the finest materials alongside quality craftsmanship to give the customer something they can be proud to open above their heads at the first sign of rainfall. Also in keeping with the British ecological ideology, the brand considers every aspect of each piece and process by approaching things from an environmentally friendly approach. In fact, many of their umbrellas are made using recycled materials and minimal waste. Where possible they use recycled canvas fabric, recycled metal shafts and frames, recycled and biodegradable handles, recycled packaging and tags. So not only are maintaining your level of style and finesse, you are also helping the environment by purchasing one (or three) of these fine umbrellas.

london 003

While the manufacturing process is fascinating, we also love the fact that these umbrellas are super stylish and there isn’t a single one that is the same as the next. They are all different in many ways, some simple and subtle whilst others are on the more vibrant and colourful spectrum of taste. Each design may not be to everyone’s taste but there is surely a piece here for everyone, and every piece itself is a fashion statement in itself. If you need proof, just check out the products we have selected below.

collapsible umbrellasbamboo handle umbrellaslondon undercover umbrella

maple interior umbrelladouble patterned umbrellacity braided umbrella

paisley double umbrelladog printed umbrellacity gent umbrella

check umbrelladefence umbrellablackwatch umbrella


It is wonderful o see how something so primarily seen as purely functional can now be seen and enjoyed as something that is fashion, fun and a definite must have accessory. Finally we may feel less aggravated by the rain when we have one of these fine pieces above our heads. However, we still have ill feelings towards this kind of weather, so a nice fashion accessory to cheer us up is always going to be a good thing.