Brand Watch: Casely Hayford

We are always on the lookout for brands that we can offer to our readers that may not be as obvious as some of the super high end brands that we are all familiar with. It has been mentioned on many an occasion that when it comes to certain labels we can’t help but be attracted to them and appreciate more this idea of tradition and labels that encapsulate a family run work ethic.

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The father – son design duo of Joe Casely-Hayford OBE and Charlie Casely-Hayford joined together in 2008 to create and launch the luxury menswear label Casely-Hayford which is said to be a brand that was built on this idea of English Sartorialism and British Anarchy.

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According to the website: “All men possess elements of anarchy within their character. Anarchy is not about the total absence of rules, but rather the significance of autonomy. The Casely-Hayford ethos represents a unique expression of freedom created when conformity threatens identity, or convention restricts spontaneity; we fuse this expression of the free spirit with the very particular gestures of English sartorialism. The House aims to distil a multitude of ideas into a simple pure entity: innovation through tradition.”

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This is most definitely a philosophy that we folks here at MFM can get behind. The idea of individuality is something that we have always stressed and should be remembered when looking at one’s own personal style.

Early Beginnings

The senior member of the duo, Joe Casely-Hayford OBE is one of the lucky few to possess a career that runs in correlation with the progression of menswear. His style portfolio includes clients such as iconic music acts U2 and The Clash. This shows that regardless of how tailored something is, it can still hold an element of rock and roll. While many of these acts were being dressed by Joe he was also working on his brand that showcased his menswear and womenswear lines on the high end runways of London, Tokyo and my personal favourite Paris. He is also the Creative Director of MFM favourite Gieves & Hawkes, which we are sure you already know are famous for dressing members of the elite and of the establishment.

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The youngest of the design team is Charlie Casely-Hayford who co-founded the label with his father when he was just 22. Initially his studies took place at the legendary Saint Martin’s which he balanced with his apprenticeship in his father’s design studio. This is where his knowledge of menswear history and technical skills were refined and polished. Like his father, he has also styled some well-known music acts including the UK’s XX and American hip-hip artist Nas.

Dynamic Duo

Now with the combined talents of father and son, the brand is escalating to new heights of stylish success. With an international following that rivals some of the best, the label has many well-known fans such as Robert Downey Jnr, Michael Fassbender, Sam Smith and Tinie Tempah to name just a small selection.

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The Pieces

american jumpersbasalto trousersavery cotton shirt

cotton casely shirttitus blend jacketstonebridge coat

langley-jackethungerford trouserscranmore trousers

ashmore overcoatdrop stitch jumperarchive sweatshirt

A Final Word…

Sold online and in exclusive boutiques around the world, the Casely-Hayford brand is dictating a modern new take on stylish menswear pieces. Identity of the brand is clear, yet there is plenty of room to claim one’s own stylish identity within these wonderful pieces. For more information on this wonderful brand, please head over to their official website.