Brand Spotlight: Casavva

Flannel shirts aren’t simply just for chopping wood, but for brunches with friends and keeping you on point from the office to those after-hour cocktails. Here at MFM, we are excited to reveal Casavva. The brand’s SS16 flannel shirts are innovative yet effortless and are most certainly a wardrobe essential this season.

A Brief History of Flannel

The fabric can be traced back to 17th century Wales, where, you guessed it, farmers wore flannel to protect themselves from the wind and the rain, and anything else nasty that us Brits have been putting up with for centuries.

It then travelled across the pond. Thanks tend to be given to Hamilton Carhatt, who is thought to have popularized the look in the late 19th century. Flannel then increased in menswear popularity and has now escaped its blue-collar image to be featured in many different looks.

What’s more, if we fast forward to the 1990’s grunge trend and into the new millennium, flannel has been reimagined in a number of ways over the seasons, as well as in womenswear. The versatility of the fabric shows that flannel is here to stay, not least with Casavva’s reimagined, SS16 collection on top of the pile.

Casavva Clothing

Most designers you’ll hear talking about their story and how it stemmed from a history of careful planning and a passion for fashion. While the latter is true, Casavva is the result of college spontaneity.

College friends Shin Woon and Keith Miao began experimenting with fabrics and designs back in the dorm room days. In the years that ensued, the concepts were solidified, more hands came onboard and the brand was born. These beautiful shirts are designed in DC, sourced from LA, manufactured in NYC and worn globally.


Green and grey are big players this season, and while the SS16 collection hosts a number of timeless pastels, it also will provide our summer wardrobes with some on trend options with hues such as Basil Mint and Charcoal Herringbone (it’s not just people in the paint industry who gets to have fun with colour names!)

For us, keep it casual and flannel fresh. Pair one of these fine, 100% cotton shirts with distressed jeans or stride out in a baggy-fit trouser; both of which are also on trend this season.

If, however, you’re more of a smarty pants, the versatility of these shirts can be worn under a jacket to keep you party-ready for those inevitable summer weddings and birthday barbeques. What’s more, flannel has appeared in a number of other collections this year, and has been favoured by the likes of J. Crew, Burberry, Hugo Boss and Oliver Spencer. So there is every reason to have a flannel shirt at your fingertips.

You can follow Casavva on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The collection is available here and is calling all Casavva Casanovas. (Try saying that five times after a cocktail, or two!)