Brand Spotlight: Adam’s Bite

We’ve all heard of Adam and Eve, and as we also find ourselves in the midst of awards season, thoughts of old Hollywood, drama and gumption abound with films like Casablanca and Adam’s Rib.

But it’s an altogether different Adam, and different body part, for that matter, that we have our eyes on this season. Introducing the best newcomer to your SS17 wardrobe: Adam’s Bite.

Brand Watch

Adam’s Bite combines bespoke Parisian tailoring with luxurious fabrics exclusively made in the heart of Switzerland. These elements form the cornerstone of Adam’s Bite as the creative strategy aims for only the highest standards of design, materials and production.

It is this ethos and outlook on fashion that produces such an imaginative achievement in modern tailoring and style.

Adam’s Bite combines different trends and influences from not just fashion, but art and music; this is expressed in exquisite Parisian tailoring from the fabrics to the patterns created by artists, and the targeted collaboration with various musicians.

You won’t see the brand biting its lip, either; applying ancient philosophy to future goals, they share this thought with a little nod to Epicurus:

“Our goal is going beyond borders and believe in true friendship. Then not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”

French craftsmanship, Italian experience, Swiss tradition


Okay. Enough of us talking about how great this brand is. Seeing is believing, so go see!

Here are just some of the amazing creations to have come from Switzerland. What really matters about the garments is that all fabrics are exclusively made in Switzerland and the products are fully made in Italy (by a manufacturer family who are natively Swiss, too, by the way!)

Some of our favourite garments are the long-sleeve tees as well as the hybrids which feature patches, poplin collars and pointed button tabs in an array of plain styles and electric patterns.


And another thing, when we spoke about other artists and musicians, we didn’t mean drawing bow ties adorned with treble clefs.

As can be seen, the team work closely with upcoming artists from Europe for designs. They do compilations, podcasts and produce a unique music style for Adam’s Bite (in digital and vinyl!)

All About Adam

Adam bit the Apple of Eden, with a little help from his seductress, Eve; and with that came the fall of man! Behind Adam’s decision to bite the apple hides a clear decision. With this action, he shows his willingness to stand alone with an attitude to live a life of arbitration without fear of the resulting consequences.

And the consequences of Adam’s Bite has us falling; falling in love with a mastery of style and functional wearability which deviates from the somewhat drab and dreary ‘pret-a-porter’ attitude some brands have in the world of fashion today.

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