Boots to make you feet happy this winter, whatever the weather

When the cold weather is upon us, dressing to embrace the chill is one of life’s greatest pleasures, because it’s all about layering, from top-to-toe. And although the winter months can bring many negatives, it’s also a positive times it;s time to get your footwear rotation prepped and ready for the cold. It can be tricky to get right.

The key to mastering cold-weather dressing is to invest in an arsenal of complementary pairs of boots and shoes that can be worn in any scenario. Our ultimate guide in a few styles of boots and shoes for cold feyt weather dressing might help you along, and hopefully you won’t need to shop again until at least again next winter.


The one time of the year when you should be looking out for a solid pair of boots to wear in the winter months. Boots to carry you through the cold in style from refined Chelseas’, ankle boots, insulated boots, chukkas, you’ll need for frigid grocery-store runs to the kind of rugged, badass boots that will make you want to own a shearling coat and motorbike, or at least pretend you do. 

An elegant Chelsea boot will work well with tailoring and smart-casual, working well with tailoring. Keep your pants slim,  and if you’re going to wear jeans give them a little bit of slack around the ankle, suited and booted make sure the neck of the boot is covered. Slim pants will add a rocker vibe. And the Chelsea boots iconic pull-on tab boots are the ultimate weekend shoe.

Think about a pair of all-leather sturdy boots. If you’re looking for something to hike about in, then pared-back Timberland boots are a perfect match for day, and weekends when you are out and about. Black combat-ish lace up boots are perfect for giving any other boots a well-deserved break for being in the spotlight. 

Great for an all black ninja look, think Doc Martens core 8-eye boots that are every bit as tough and versatile as you remember, when you’re swaddled up in a chunky black polo neck sweater and black levis jeans down at the pub, nothing looks better and when the shit really hits the fan weather-wise, these boots will be your most reliable.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, maybe for the office or just to wear on days when the weather is a little brighter, then a good pair of Desert boots will go with nearly everything. And we mean everything. Wear them with your suit, jeans, chinos, shirt and jacket, the list is endless. No seriously there isn’t a single outfit these boots won’t go with, and the best bit, they come in a whole lot of different shades so buy a couple in your fave colours.