Blogger Spotlight: Antonio Centeno

There’s one thing to remember when looking at the success of Antonio Centeno and that is that he always wanted to be doing more. After studying fashion in London, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Los Angeles, he went on to run A Tailored Suit and become the founder of Real Men Real Style. But how did a fashion lover come to be this successful? By a sheer devotion to the fashion world and a desire to spread that passion to an audience.


It was Centeno’s prior business that led him to begin Real Men Real Style. The idea came when Centeno wanted to answer questions his clients may have had about how to wear suits, jackets, smart clothes. This want to answer questions about style is what Real Men Real Style is all about, and it’s what Antonio consistently works on. Centeno developed the knowledge that men want to know specifically and clearly how to wear certain suits and professional clothing with a sense of style – something, as you know, we, here at MFM, love more than anything else. Style is your way of saying who you are. To apply style, however, you have to know how to wear what it is you’re wearing. And that’s what Antonio Centeno does.


Alongside running A Tailored Sui and Real Men Real Style, he contributes to one of the leading men’s lifestyle websites… The Art of Manliness. But it doesn’t end there though, as Antonio fronts one of the biggest men’s style YouTube channels which boasts over 7 million views and 100,000 subscribers which can be found here.

Antonio doesn’t tell his audience what to wear, he doesn’t push forward opinions, he offers a fresh perspective on how to wear a suit, a jacket, you name it, when always keeping an eye on the personal aspect. Props to you Antonio, keep up the good work!