Best Ostrich Skin Boots for Men 2020 Buying Guide

Ostrich is used as an ostrich skin dress shoes for men because it’s exquisite and one of the most exotic and premium leathers around. Needless to say, ostrich leather is unique and attention-grabbing. Take note that a man wearing them needs to have the confidence and masculinity to pull it off.

The popularity of wearing boots has gained traction over the years, but they’re still an underutilized form of footwear. Not many people are aware of buying or wearing the right kind of boots. However, being knowledgeable of boots can definitely up the ante of any man’s style.

The following is a guide on choosing ostrich boots:

Buying Guide for Ostrich Boots

Before heading out to the store and purchase yourself a brand new leather boot made from ostrich skin, it’s important to take these things into consideration:

● Quality and Durability

Your ostrich leather boots must have incredible workmanship so that it’ll last you for years. Observe the material and the quality of stitching on the boot since it can tell if your boots will last or not.

Having durable and well-crafted ostrich skin boots also mean they’ll be comfortable to wear. Imagine having your feet hurting all day because of ill-fitting boots.

● Proper Fit and Comfort

In line with what’s mentioned above, your boots should also give you the aesthetics and comfort you need. If you’re buying boots, it’s important to get the right shoe size since your boots will not expand or shrink. Thus, it’s important to get the right fit from the start.

2 Types of Ostrich Leather Used in Boots

As mentioned, ostrich is used in boots and gives it an exquisite appeal. However, there’s minimal leather on an ostrich, so the production process of ostrich leather can be quite expensive. The different areas of leather on an ostrich boot can have different qualities.

Ostrich leathers are of two types:

1. Full Quill Ostrich Leather

This is sourced from the main part of the ostrich – the upper body of the ostrich, where the feather has been plucked. The result is a bumpy looking leather that shows traces of the plucked feathers. This full quill can be used on a boot’s vamp while the boot shaft can be made of some other leather material.

A roper boot, a type of ostrich cowboy boot, is an offshoot of the cowboy western boot. It’s called the roper because of the squared-off heel. This pair of ostrich cowboy boots are ultra-comfortable to wear. The design of the roper is a short boot shaft that reaches just above the ankle but below the calf. The roper boot typically utilizes ostrich leather on the vamp. The vamp is the upper front part of a boot or shoe.

2. Ostrich Leg Leather

This type of leather has an aesthetic entirely on its own. Many like it for its lizard-like pattern. Ostrich leather is soft but durable and is a breathable material. Ostrich leg leather fits very well and is resistant to cracking. It can also last for many years.
Like full quill ostrich leather, ostrich leg leather is usually used to accent the vamp of the boot.

Types of Ostrich Boots

Ostrich leather give boots a distinct look that’s hard to ignore. However, there’s a protocol to wearing every type of boot. Don’t dampen your style by wearing your boots the wrong way.
Below are types of ostrich boots and how and when to wear them:

Western Boots

Ostrich is used extensively in western boots because it gives a distinct style and beauty. Ostrich on western boots makes the boot look manlier and more rugged.

You have to be confident in wearing them, which applies to all kinds of boots you’re planning to wear. Remember, you should avoid wearing flashy colored western boots unless it fits the occasion.

Chelsea Boots

Ostrich used on Chelsea style boots immediately give it an exotic flair. The Chelsea boot is a classic boot design that has distinct flexible side panels to accommodate the foot comfortably. It’s also shorter than the western boot and reaches a few inches above the ankle.

A Chelsea boot looks well with denim and can be worn on casual and semi-formal occasions.

Wellington Boots

Wellington boots are high and reach just below the knee. Ostrich leather is usually used to decorate the vamp and give this boot a tough and rugged look. Wellington boots originated as boots worn outdoors and for hunting. Trouser pants and jeans should be tucked inside the boot to show off the distinctive fashion of this boot.

Chukka boots

Chukka boots are ankle length and have an open lacing system. Ostrich leathers are often used in chukka boots, increasing its luxurious appeal.

The color of chukka boots dictates which type of social functions it can be worn. Light-colored chukka boots are fit for casual, while dark-colored chukkas can be worn with formal outfits.

Final Thoughts

Ostrich doesn’t have just aesthetic appeal; it’s quality and durability are also unsurpassed. It’s said to be the strongest leather out there.

Boots are a great way to utilize the strength and beauty of ostrich leather. There are many types of boots in the market today, and knowing how to wear them and choosing the right styles can give any man a fresh, confident, and modern look.