BEN SHERMAN: This is a collection you should be investing in right NOW….

If you haven’t heard of Ben Sherman, then you don’t know much about fashion, and if you’ve ever been a mod then you’ll know exactly who Ben Sherman is! Founded in Brighton in 1963, by a cool guy called Arthur Benjamin Sugarman and sold by him then in the 70s. But in between, at the young age of 20 he headed to America where he saw a land of fulfilling his dreams. When he returned to England due to his mother becoming ill, he started up his clothing manufacturing experience and rented a factory in Brighton. The rest is history. Ben started making shirts for other people, but the ever creative guy started designing his own shirts and in 63’ launched the first Ben Sherman shirt.

Oh, to be back to the years of the Who, the Jam, the Specials, Madness and of course Oasis. who with their mod culture made Ben Sherman a staple for the dress style, and possibly along the way of successive generations of maybe little known rock stars who often sported the Ben Sherman style. Where shirts and jackets were the staple of the youth in the cult golden age worn in the 60s by mods, that then were taken on board by various offshoots, with the likes of rude boys, suedeheads and even skinheads.

Ben Sherman have just dropped a new collection featuring the The Sherlocks an British boy indie rock band, consisting of two pairs of brothers from Sheffield, jamming covers in their garages before moving onto perform local working-mens clubs. Now they have become live favourites and we are in no doubt their rise to stardom here.

The new collection features shirts, T-shirts, jackets and polo shirts that have the feel and passion that Ben Sherman had, the fabrics, patterns and colour that created a unique garment which is synonymous with the new collection. The signature mod knit stripe navy polo in pure cotton and a design with a vertical mod stripe, and the branded tonal signature of Ben Sherman on the sleeve is going to be a summer favourite.

So take a gander at the latest drop of Harrington jackets, and there is the signature Harrington jacket, the house check lining mens staple that has become ubiquitous from all corners of the internet that revere guys, style forums and moodboards alike. In a huge array of ten different colours, and the Ben Sherman branding. A little sporty, a little preppy and a lot ready to be our go-to-all season long.

And then there’s the T-shirt, this all cotton graphic signature 2000s graphics tee comes in regular fit and a nod to the noughties, splashed on front a photographic print to celebrate Ben Sherman 60th anniversary. Graphic tees can complete a look and express yourself to the world with genuine art, or the artists you like and more so the brand that you love. Nice one Ben.

And finally we can’t forget the pants. The relaxed-fit corduroy trouser comes in a relaxed taper fit, and Ben Sherman branded buttons. And these ultra-fine cord trousers, are cut immaculately and will look great with anything from the new collection, making them just as easy to dress up as it is to dress them down.

Buy the new collection online here: BEN SHERMAN