Baseball Caps – Love them or leave them?

Summer is all about headwear whenever the sun comes out, keeping the sun out of your eyes, keeping your hair out of the way, and all about looking cool. These caps have been around for years, decades, all starting from the baseball culture  and literally carried in since, becoming not just a hat but a carrier of logos for fun or to commemorate events and people, to make a statement and by that more wearable everyday.

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to find out that the humble baseball hat started out and originated from the great American game with roots in the 19th century, when the basic cap was made to help keep the sun out of the cricketers that were either batting, bowling or fielding. It was then that the baseball cap became of firm topper on many a man or womens head in outdoor sports

They definitely have not always been the iconic style, but when they are worn right with a set of decent clothes they can become a great addition to your wardrobe. Most men have probably worn a baseball hat at some time in their lives, and their ubiquity has led men to raise their cap game. So as a general rule, don’t go down the road of wearing a slouchy old tracksuit, but wear your cap with a simple or smart shirt and blazers, or jeans, jacket and polo neck sweater if the weather is a little chilly, and by topping your outfit with a baseball hat should give you a pretty cool look.

On a more practical note, a baseball hat can cover up bald spots, thinning hair or  just a bad hair day, but just remember to rock it with confidence, as you can wear it with every seasonal style from streetwear athleisure, preppy style and hipsters. Try one that is constructed from suedette leather and is great for an altogether smarter look, maybe with the office, with a jacket and tailored trousers. Just take it off indoors! 

Proof that caps don’t have to be casual, just don’t wear casual ones with a suit, it’ll put a lid on those more put-together summer ‘fits based around an open lightweight check shirt, chino shorts and a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. What’s the best thing about baseball caps? Yes, they are ARE the best for those casual days, when you can wear tee-shirts with shorts, chinos mixed with any short sleeved shirts in the summer, and they  are the best easy cap to wear to keep the sun out of your eyes..