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AW13 Colour Trend: Maroon

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Normally we associate the word ‘trend’ with a certain look, style or story being portrayed during certain seasons. However during the current autumn and winter seasons, colour has taken a bit of a leap into the trend spotlight and become a style all of its own. For once colour is being allowed to be integrated into an outfit made up of almost one colour in slightly different shades, and I never thought I would say this but it actually looks good. Autumn is a particular personal favourite due to the traditional autumn colour palette, and one colour in particular is always a winner; maroon. Not quite red but still has those same warm tones to it, but with a little bit of a darker feel.

maroon 001

Maroon, burgundy or ‘claret’ as the seriously style savvy gents would otherwise call it,  is one of many colours reflective of autumn; be it the leaves that fall from the trees or the colour of red wine by a hot blazing fire in the evening. The associations with this colour are of warmth and festivities so it seems prefect hat many of the pieces we will show you are knitwear related.

maroon 002

Colour is a strange concept to be embraced during the colder seasons as it is stereotypically reserved for the few months of sun that we are graved with every year. So it is nice to see that designers and high street brands are embracing such rich tones as golden yellows, rich browns, and vibrant reds. You may already have noticed the influx of colour around the high street but if you haven’t, take a good look around and you will see some amazing pieces ready and waiting for you to add them to your wardrobes.

maroon 003

Brand such as Marc Jacobs, Canali and Gucci and many more have all embraced this luxurious looking colour into their collections. It is guaranteed that in a few others of our articles you may have seen the odd piece dotted around. This time we are literally going to throw it all at you, what is the point of showing you a hint of the colour trend when we can overload you with choice and selection. Maroon is a colour that can be associated with luxury and opulence, as it is a colour that can be seen on royal ceremonial outfits and the jewels they are adorned in for crowning or official ceremonies. There is a really nice regal feel to this colour so it’s no wonder many stylish gents are attracted to, with this idea of increasing their stance and stature as respected and well dressed gents. So if you want to embrace this colour and it’s opulence, we encourage you to peruse the selection below and purchase a few pieces to add to your no doubt already stylish wardrobes.

glaston knitted jumperfife strap shoeslambswool cardigan

canali wool peacoatsdark quilted waistcoatsmini cord tie

twill peter trousersgucci lined jacketstapered canali trousers

dark red silky scarfzip neck knitselsdon polo tee


You couldn’t get a more mixed bag of items, but that shows you how much choice you have even if it is just one colour. This kind of trend has so much versatility that the options for you fellow fashion obsessed gents is practically limitless. The pieces we have shown you are some of our favourites and there is even the odd pair of shoes and accessories thrown in for good measure. I love this colour and I’m sure you will to if you don’t already. So it’s time to get yourself on the maroon train and ride it all the way into style, you don’t want to get left behind.

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