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AW13 Trend: Backpacks

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With old school trends coming back into the fashion forefront, we are seeing many old things pop up and become something brand spanking new. The good old backpack has been spotted everywhere from fashion retailers, to designers, and on many a stylish guy seen around and about. September is the month of new seasons, new styles, and for many of us a return to education. Ever the studious look these backs fit in well with the back to school articles you saw in past weeks from us.

Aw13 backpacks 001

Also the ease in which these bags can be carried are becoming a go to bag for the suited commuter as seen this past weekend on the London tube. They are also a wonderful bag for those of us who are fond of peddling around on a push bike, another recent item that has soared in popularity. Whatever the requirement, the humble back pack seems to be catering to many a number of style conscious gents who insist on carrying their lives with them on a daily basis.

Back In The Day

So where do back backs come from? We all have this idea of hikers and mountaineers using this kind of bag to hike equipment and supplies, or we have the trusty camper who carries his tent and supplies with him. This may be true of more recent years but way back in some none exact ancient times, the backpack was used as a means to carry a hunter’s larger game and other types of prey and was an easier method of transporting ones kills. The bag itself was usually made from animal hides and skins and sewn together by the intestines of said animals. By ancient times we clearly mean days gone by of a more primitive nature. I bet you are surprised to see that the old back pack evolved from something so masculine and Neanderthal like. However in today’s slightly more technically advanced world, there are far more superior methods used to create a stylish and functional backpack.

Style And Substance

Obviously we need a bag to carry stuff, which is what they are designed for. But is all very well and good when you get the most amazing sturdy bag, but it looks uglier than sin. Here at MFM wed o not need to point out the importance of style (if we do, where have you been?), so when it comes to back packs are met with the question of “can a back pack actually look good”? The answer is a simple ‘yes’, in today’s modern world more men are caring more and more about how they look so it is imperative that designers and fashion retailers keep up with this surge in demand for great looking, quality pieces.

Aw13 backpacks 002

This is essentially why we are seeing so many different variations around and about, supply and demand for something that is quickly becoming ‘cool’ again. Take a look here at some of our favourites, and see what you think.

mismo twill backpacktraveller creased backpackmulberry nylon backpack

ikat panel rucksackblue block rucksackkhaki green rucksack

topman design backpackwhite topman backpackblack lux backpack

stone twin rucksackbrown waxed backpacktechnical shape backpack

Back It Up

So there you have just a few of our favourites, suitable for whatever you need them to be suitable for. Whether you are a student, businessman or even a hiker there is a backpack especially for you. It’s amazing how you can warm to a product that would normally make you shudder at the thought of even wearing one, but even I am in the mood to make a purchase. What do you think? Is the backpack the perfect seasonal accessory for you to rock this autumn?

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