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Autumn Luxe: Grey Matter

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Autumn is here and luckily enough we are still seeing plenty of colour come down the catwalk, but for those of you who do still enjoy a more muted colour palette; then this trend is for you. We already covered black in our ‘Autumn Luxe: Dark and Edgy’ piece, but it would also seem that a similar and less harsh shade is edging its way to the front of the spotlight. When we think of the colour grey, many different connotations spring to mind; grey skies and bad weather, looking grey when you’re tired and fatigued, or even (dare we mention) the 50 shades variety. Despite the apparent negativity associated with such a colour, grey tones are making a comeback and not in the most typical of ways. Personally when grey is mentioned, my mind goes straight for the cheap and nasty all grey suits worn to a wedding or a high school prom. This season there is a succinct focus and rise in the quality of fabric and garments that are made up of grey colours.

greymatter 001

Many high end designers such as Richard Nicoll and Margaret Howell have been sending grey tones down the runway as part of their collections featuring some amazing luxurious items. There are also a number of online retailers that are including grey in their current collections available to purchase. Grey does sound quite plain and boring, but fear not as it is not just one tone clothes that are making headway here; there are also many different patterns and prints cropping up, all in this new found popularity in this otherwise typically simple colour. A grey suit can be a staple piece of a man’s wardrobe, but as mentioned before; cheap is definitely not the approach we are aiming for. There appears to be a more streamlined approach with a more contemporary and slick edge to these pieces. One colour styling is proving very effective in achieving a modern and stylish look, just ask Balenciaga, Prada and Bottega Veneta; their three button suited silhouettes reinforce the resurrection of grey as a go to colour for simplistic chic style.

greymatter 002

Grey is also a wonderful background colour for any additional coloured pieces you want to add to this grey canvas. Multi-tonal grey outfits are wonderful but many of the colours that are trending for this season such as Mustard and Maroon are making great accents of colour when they are utilised in bags, gloves and other additional accessories. The overall combination of shades and colour can create a super stylish and refined look for autumn. Grey may be the sky, but you and your outfit is the colour that remind passersby that we can still bring something fun out of something initially thought of as dark and sombre. With this new found appreciation for all things grey, here are some of our favourite pieces that really do turn our thought processes around to realising that grey really is good.

floral skull teepremium marl blazersgrey bird polo shirt

tweed harris blazerholloway road jacketprinted givenchy tee

froswick blend coatsnewlook grey cardigancheck overcoats

wolf print teebjarni sweaterdark shearling gilet

In Conclusion

So it would now seem that grey is back and better than ever, it is now down to you to work out how you want to wear it and whether or not you want to add a dash of autumn colour to your outfit. Grey is good, and colour accents make it that much better. How do you feel about grey? Are you going to embrace it this season, or are you going to leave grey to the rainy skies and brighten your day with the colours mentioned in previous articles? Let the folks here at MFM know your thoughts on all of this grey matter.

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