Tajinder Hayer

At MFM we love all kinds of news on men’s fashion. Red Wing are the same, creating their annual post to keep up to date with their exciting endeavours.
Believe it or not it is the holiday season and we’re all in need of some Thomas Royall swim shorts. Read more for details.
Salvatore Ferragamo started off designing shoes for Hollywood stars in the 1920s, check out how they’ve continued to maintain their excellence.
Harvey Nichols’ launch of #BEENTRILL# is of huge excitement to us, here at MFM, check out the article for more details.

If there is one thing that the UK does famously well, it is festivals. The season is upon us and in the coming weeks we have Wireless, Reading & Leeds,

The world of menswear is not traditionally particularly groundbreaking or innovative. To many of us this is a good thing. It means that we can keep to the basics –

As the party invites start to come flooding through the door, you may have your midnight blue tuxedo and dress shoes ready, but can you mix a drink? Here are