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  • Parmigiani Fleurier Launch The “Toric Chronometre” Watch

    Parmigiani Fleurier Launch The “Toric Chronometre” Watch

    We're big fans of Parmigiani Fleurier and the latest collection caught our eye. 2017 sees the brand revert to it's beginning roots, with a contemporary interpretation of the first watch designed by Michel Parmigiani called the Toric Chronomètre. This simple design is a portrayal of the passage of time, reinventing the model which founded the…

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  • Think You Can’t Afford a Rolex? Perhaps You Can.  

    Think You Can’t Afford a Rolex? Perhaps You Can.  

    The Rolex: the ultimate luxury watch that conveys status, prestige, and excellence. Once you own one, it’s likely you won’t ever need another timepiece. Not only are they built to last several generations, but Rolex designs are classic and enduring. The key to a stylish man’s wardrobe is having accessories that offer versatility and practically…

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  • Choosing The Right Shirt For A Holiday

    Choosing The Right Shirt For A Holiday

    Preparing for a winter holiday is no mean feat and no holiday is complete without feeling and looking good. No sooner have you settled down by the fireplace and resolved yourself to early winter nights, than you are booking a flight out of here to fight the winter blues. Whether you are drinking cocktails in…

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  • How To Prevent and Remove Stretch Marks When Bodybuilding

    How To Prevent and Remove Stretch Marks When Bodybuilding

    When you embark on an intensive workout programme that is primarily aimed at bulking up and building muscle, you might notice an appearance of small purple or red lines appearing on across your body. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal! These lines are known as stretch marks, and no it’s not just women who are…

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  • Man Skills: How To Master Roulette

    Man Skills: How To Master Roulette

    There’s something to be said for the romance of table games in a casino setting. But most local casinos are a far cry from anywhere James Bond or any of his glamourous companions would want to frequent. In reality most of us now play casino games online, and one of the best games to get…

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  • 6 Tips For The Best Undershirt

    6 Tips For The Best Undershirt

    Gone are the days when undershirts were worn only by seniors or has-been rappers - every man should wear an undershirt. Why? Undershirts keep your appearance in check (no sweat pits or deodorant stains) and your shirts are guaranteed to last longer. They’re an essential for the professional gentleman. People tend to avoid undershirts for…

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  • Definitive Guide To Buying A Watch

    Definitive Guide To Buying A Watch

    Choosing a luxury watch is one of the most interesting and rewarding challenges out there. Once you’ve decided that you want to treat yourself to a beautiful new watch, it’s time to start doing your research. There are lots of considerations to make; from brand, material, functionality, quartz or automatic, and so much more. Don’t…

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  • Las Vegas: A Man’s Guide On What To Wear

    Las Vegas: A Man’s Guide On What To Wear

    Visiting Las Vegas can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people so it makes sense that when they hit the casinos and clubs of Sin City they want to ensure they are suitably dressed for the occasion. Here is our guide on what to wear when you're out and about in the gambling paradise. Hitting…

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  • Celebrities With Menswear Collections

    Celebrities With Menswear Collections

    Fashion is so often driven by key trendsetters in celebrity culture, with icons like James Dean whose styles are so widespread they’re hard to avoid, from the catwalk to posters like these. It’s little surprise, then, that famous men have been clamouring to create their very own fashion brands, especially over the last decade or…

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  • An Easy Way To Love The Sales

    An Easy Way To Love The Sales

    We love sales, but everyone hates the hustle and bustle of offline shopping. With Black Friday recently come and gone, alongside the Christmas shopping, Boxing day sales and of course the New Year offers... it's the time of year we all love to save some money. But what if you could shop the sales but…

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