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A graduate of International Fashion Marketing, fashion blogger and freelance journalist at Men’s Fashion Magazine writing about all that concerns the world of fashion and luxury lifestyle for both men and women.

  • How To Use Fashion To Help Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

    How To Use Fashion To Help Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

    Weight loss is one of the most overrated concepts in our current era. Slim models, actors, singers, celebrities, all make us feel like we need to fit in their clothes. Yes, we’d look great if we could do it. But often the benefits are outweighed (no pun intended) by the pressure. Some extra weight is…

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  • Key Fashion Trends For 2017

    Key Fashion Trends For 2017

    It's very rare we share trends nowadays... But we wanted to share a quick round up of some of the key trends for 2017. Now it might be obvious which clothes serve the most suitable practical purposes during summer; however, the best style choices for that season aren't always so clear. Thankfully, we can look…

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  • How Internet Shopping Helps You Get What You Need

    How Internet Shopping Helps You Get What You Need

    Have you ever looked at something and thought dude I want that? If you have, the chances are you’re not alone. In the past to window shop and lust over items we had the desire of owning we had to leave the house and visit a shopping mall. These days we can window shop from…

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  • Top Tips For Getting The Perfect Beard

    Top Tips For Getting The Perfect Beard

    Although women have numerous options for styling their look in multiple ways, men have more limited options.  But, many guys have tried experimenting with their beard – a trending style statement that’s quickly emerging. From maintaining the perfect shape to getting the trimming just right, it’s actually easier than you may think to achieve the…

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  • What To Do With Old Clothing

    What To Do With Old Clothing

    As you become older and learn about the intricacies of fine style, you understand more about dressing for the right season, occasion, and time of the day. Additionally, your tastes will change throughout the years and trends will come and go, so one day you might look through your drawers or wardrobe and think: "Will…

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  • The Importance of a Good Pair of Jeans

    The Importance of a Good Pair of Jeans

    If you were to epitomise the ultimate wardrobe staple, you would be hard pressed to find anything more suiting than a pair of jeans. Favoured for their versatility, there is little that a good pair of denims can’t do. From flared, to skinny, to bootcut, jeans are owned by those of all walks of life…

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  • Understanding The Myths & Facts Of The World’s Best Slot Machines

    Understanding The Myths & Facts Of The World’s Best Slot Machines

    The slot machine is pretty impressive when you think about it. It has evolved substantially over the last 120 years, starting out as a relatively simple machine paying out jackpots of 50c in 1894, to vastly complex interconnected machines with multimillion dollar payouts. You’ll spot slot machines just about everywhere you go in the UK…

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  • The Style High Club

    The Style High Club

    Keen traveller and style enthusiast? Which airline has the best uniform? Here's an infographic that caught our eye and you can find out more here. Our favourite? It has to be Virgin Atlantic.

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  • Return of the Three-Piece Suit: Why More Men Are Ditching Casual

    Return of the Three-Piece Suit: Why More Men Are Ditching Casual

    The three-piece suit is well and truly back. Popularised by celebrities from Tom Cruise to Mumford & Sons, probably it’s best-known proponent is a fictional one; Roger Sterling of Mad Men fame, rarely seen without a drink in his hand and never lost for a zingy comeback. Over seven seasons of that iconic show, Sterling…

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