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  • The Best Tie Styles for Work

    The Best Tie Styles for Work

    Working in a professional environment entails a particular dress code, and that means suits will become part of your every day routine. This is a great opportunity to show off your business attire and look the part, no matter what industry you’re working in. If you’re required to wear a suit and tie as part…

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  • Quick Ways To Style The White Shirt

    Quick Ways To Style The White Shirt

    The white shirt is a staple in any mans wardrobe, but how do you style it? Obviously, donning a suit with the white shirt is the most common outfit but the versatility of the white shirt means you can dress it up and dress it down. As mentioned in previous articles, when choosing a white…

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  • Pyjamas Versus Tuxedos

    Pyjamas Versus Tuxedos

    Casual vs formal, comfortable vs styled and common vs classy – in the past there was always a very clear divide between these fashions, that being that one was considered fashionable and the other was considered not. You could look at the clothes of a man on the street and know almost instantly where they…

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  • Why Stripes Are The Ultimate Menswear Classic

    Why Stripes Are The Ultimate Menswear Classic

    Timeless across the decades, stripes can be the distinguished gentleman's best friend if worn properly. We all know the trick about vertical stripes giving you a sleek, svelte appearance while horizontal stripes lend you breadth. Still, there's plenty more to consider when you think of how and why they've become such a timeless staple of…

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  • GRUHME: The Fragrance Brand For Him

    GRUHME: The Fragrance Brand For Him

    We at Mens Fashion Magazine know that pulling off that effortlessly sleek look is not as easy as you make it seem. Shaving, moisturising, perfecting the hair and selecting the perfect outfit combination have become essential stages in our morning routine. But what’s the point in investing all that time and money if you don’t…

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  • The Most Anticipated Cars of 2016

    The Most Anticipated Cars of 2016

    If you’re a dedicated reader of MFM, chances are, you already look the part. But do you act the part? The vehicle that you drive can play an important part in creating your overall image. Jennings Moto Group provides buyers with an impressive range of premium new and used cars. The multi-award winning franchise group,…

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  • G-LAB AW15 Collection: Urban Design For Urban Adventures

    G-LAB AW15 Collection: Urban Design For Urban Adventures

    You don’t have to embark upon an expedition to the North Pole or attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to be an adventurer. Often, the most fascinating sights are to be seen a little closer to home. Björn Gericke, founder of G-Lab, has always been driven by this philosophy: as he states, the brand is “intrigued…

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