Robbie Canale

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Brand Watch: Sandro

The Parisians, those high priests of effortless cool have always known how to dress. They forever look so suave and debonair strolling down those long, wide bou...
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How To Wear: Mustard

When it comes to colour palettes and clothing, us gents are not known for our adventurous out look.  Men are well-known for playing it safe, keeping it simple; ...
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Fashion Basics – Denim

If you don’t have to wear a suit to work every day, and more and more of us are now working in professions which do not require such attire, think of the one it...
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Brand Watch – Acne

For most of us, clothes are an extension of our persona; they give us the chance to stand out from the crowd (as well as the opportunity to blend in), to make a...
Robbie Canale

Robbie Canale

Robbie Canale is a freelance writer and stylist with a passion for football and fashion, two genres he knows should never go together! He has contributed to publications including Harper's Bazaar Arabia, GQ Dubai and Pickles football magazine.