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MFM Writer. Fashion enthusiast. Food lover. Literature buff. Studied MLitt in Linguistics at Newcastle University. Favourite item: tweed blazer.

  • Brand Spotlight: Maen Watches

    Brand Spotlight: Maen Watches

    ‘A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’. We have always looked towards Roald Dahl…

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  • Why You Should Sell Your Luxury Watch

    Why You Should Sell Your Luxury Watch

    What time is it Mr. Wolf? Time to sell your luxury watch? The day begins with an alarm, followed by a few snooze buttons, then ends with our bedtime with a few meetings and luncheons in the middle. We’d feel lost, even ‘naked’, without a watch. So why, are we telling you to get rid?…

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  • Choosing The Right Gift This Valentines Day

    Choosing The Right Gift This Valentines Day

    Red - I feel my soul on fire! Black - my world when she’s not there! If, like us, you like a good ol’ musical, you perhaps might not like shopping or gift giving around this time of year. Most of us at one time or another panic buy around birthdays and Christmas, but with…

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  • Introducing PS by Paul Smith SS17

    Introducing PS by Paul Smith SS17

    PS by Paul Smith. Designed in London, this new collection includes colourful cotton essentials for the SS17 season, unique graphic designs, as well as a number of wardrobe essentials such as denims and sweatshirts as well as over-sized outerwear to keep you dry from the great British weather. As ever, tradition is subverted through texture,…

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  • Brand Spotlight: Adam’s Bite

    Brand Spotlight: Adam’s Bite

    We've all heard of Adam and Eve, and as we also find ourselves in the midst of awards season, thoughts of old Hollywood, drama and gumption abound with films like Casablanca and Adam's Rib. But it's an altogether different Adam, and different body part, for that matter, that we have our eyes on this season.…

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  • How To Deal With Hair Loss As A Man

    How To Deal With Hair Loss As A Man

    Goldilocks will always be the Queen of hair. But when it comes to us men, where do we turn to? Short, back and sides has had its day, and let’s not mention the mullet any further than this point. But in a society where baldness is synonymous with insecurity and old-age for some, how does…

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  • The Seiko Premier Collection

    The Seiko Premier Collection

    Novak Djokovic may have slipped to Number 2 in the world, but Seiko is still Number 1 for most people when it comes to watches. Classic inspiration. Modern expression. That’s what Seiko is all about. Classicism meets modernity with creative technology and timeless style. What’s great about this brand is the inspiration drawn from the…

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  • Brand Spotlight: Roziak

    Brand Spotlight: Roziak

    Roziak is dedicated to becoming a globally recognised tie bar brand. Simple, timeless, yet innovative. And whilst operation only began in January of this year, the aim to have the largest selection of high quality tie bars is turning into a reality with an ever-growing collection of creative accessories. Beginnings But who actually are Roziak? And…

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  • Grooming Discounts This Black Friday

    Grooming Discounts This Black Friday

    Friday spells the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season, although most shops have had twinkling lights and singing Christmas trees in stock when we were still eating ice cream on Brighton Beach and singing along with Adele in our wellies at Glastonbury! But now it’s officially that time of year. The most wonderful, you…

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  • Introducing Itero Pocket Watches

    Introducing Itero Pocket Watches

    Great British Summertime has ended, and with that, the clocks went back. Amongst the Hallowe’en festivities and connotations of pumpkins and clocks striking midnight, we thought it was time to write a piece on timepieces. But, as always, MFM prefers to look forward in time for inspiration. We’ve been looking to see what’s fresh and…

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