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MFM Writer. Fashion enthusiast. Food lover. Literature buff. Studied MLitt in Linguistics at Newcastle University. Favourite item: tweed blazer.

  • Brand Spotlight: Filippo Loreti

    Brand Spotlight: Filippo Loreti

    It’s time to stop overspending in the name of fashion! In the pre-Internet days, the only way to buy a luxury watch was to drive to a jewelry store, tolerate a condescending salesperson, and leave with a small box and the feeling you’d been robbed. It was the way luxury goods were sold. No one…

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  • Spend Less, Get More With Wontag Watches

    Spend Less, Get More With Wontag Watches

    Watches are very personal things. It’s an accessory that you have with you all day, every day; so we don’t blame you when you wish to return the two-tone metal one your Aunt May got you for your 40th birthday to the local supermarket. That doesn’t mean, however, that all watches must cost you a…

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  • Meet The Company Turning An Industry On It’s Head

    Meet The Company Turning An Industry On It’s Head

    It’s 2018. We’ve seen Time’s Up and yet more, unnecessary tweets from the POTUS. For us, however, we have continued to discover new and exciting brands for you all. Boasting a line of innovative products, we welcome you: FREY This brand hosts a wide range of products that are blended with biodegradable, natural ingredients and…

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  • Dollar Shave Club Launches In The UK

    Dollar Shave Club Launches In The UK

    The ‘Big Beard’ trend looks to continue in to 2018, and while many of us Brits have adopted beards, others wish to remain clean-shaven with no mention of a 5 o’clock shadow. But whatever the length of our whiskers, it’s time we must look to more exciting grooming essentials in our daily routines. However, Old…

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  • Choosing The Right Pair Of Leather Shoes

    Choosing The Right Pair Of Leather Shoes

    Finding the right shoe is a personal and often time-consuming business. It’s not like you have a Fairy Godmother to magically craft a tailor-made pair for your awkwardly-shaped hooves. Like jeans or a trustworthy jacket, shoes are an essential item in our wardrobes and they need to look stylish as well as feel good on…

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  • Taking Style Inspiration From The Military

    Taking Style Inspiration From The Military

    Gee, I wish I was back in the army! Not for camaraderie or pride, but for the fashion! You wouldn’t know it, but everything we wear from hats to shoes, and everything in between, has been influenced by the military. On the other hand, the Fashion industry can be brutal; take forking out $2,145 on…

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  • Choosing The Right Gift For Your Partner

    Choosing The Right Gift For Your Partner

    The right gift for your partner is out there. But where is it and how can you get your paws on it? Choosing the right gift can be challenging at times, whether it is Christmas, a birthday, or a simple thank you gesture. These events are the best times to spoil them rotten, but pressure…

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  • Look After Your Beard With Claan

    Look After Your Beard With Claan

    Beards are everywhere; even Mrs. Timmerman, my neighbour, is sporting a few chin hairs these days. But enough of the world’s greatest baker of Victoria sponges, today we are talking about British handcrafted luxury beard care. Come with us to discover the finest beard oils and grooming products in Claan’s opening collection. A Journey Awakens…

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  • Brand Spotlight: Edge Signature

    Brand Spotlight: Edge Signature

    Edge Signature LLC is a modern collection of men's accessories which include: the new rounded Edge Men's necktie, as well as snazzy socks, terrific tie clips, printed pocket squares and much more. The brand’s aim is to present a unique twist to fashion through well-tailored quality products with signature styles. With these accessories, you’ll be…

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  • Brand Spotlight: Maen Watches

    Brand Spotlight: Maen Watches

    ‘A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’. We have always looked towards Roald Dahl…

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