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Paul McGregor

Founder of MFM, and short course lecturer at The London College of Fashion teaching all things marketing. Read my personal blog here.

  • The Never Ending Trend: Desert Boots

    The Never Ending Trend: Desert Boots

    Desert boots have been popular since they first came about, but this season I don't know one man who hasn't had his interest sparked by the 1940's boot this season. The boot was heavily inspired by the chukka boot, which was worn by English soldiers in the Egyptian desert in world war 2. Reviews, and…

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  • Fresh New Mens Fragrances

    Fresh New Mens Fragrances

    A fresh fragrance is something a lot of guys strive for, knowing the importance of smelling good. Grooming and fashion are two topics which closely link and when one lacks, it can really cause an effect to your overall style and appearance. Today we look at two new fragrances which are hitting the market, something…

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  • What To Wear On A Date

    What To Wear On A Date

    What to wear on a date? As a lady, this is the pivotal question. I don’t want to look too smart, but equally being underdressed would be an embarrassing first impression. I want to look classy and sophisticated, without representing something my grandmother would wear. What we tend to forget is that men have the…

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  • Ed Westwick’s Style

    Ed Westwick’s Style

    I’m a huge fan of effortless elegance, and Ed Westwick seems to have that effortless style mastered down to a tee. Who is Ed Westwick you ask? Well at just 24, he’s the Londoner who got heads turning with his role as Chuck Bass in the American television series Gossip Girl. As well as a…

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  • Pirate Fashion – Hooks My Homeboy

    Pirate Fashion – Hooks My Homeboy

    Have you ever sat and wondered what it would be like if we all looked like pirates? Funny hats, parrots, cut off pantaloons, I mean the full shebang. To be honest, I haven’t put much thought into it at all really. Still now I come to think of it, being a pirate could potentially be…

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  • Indie Style at Brick Lane

    Indie Style at Brick Lane

    A world between new and old trends. Today we are almost used to hear about this word: indie. It is actually referred not only to the music but also to the style. It literally means alternative. Any style that is different, quirky and individual is indie so what they say is that you can't really…

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  • Jimmy Choo Men’s Shoes

    Jimmy Choo Men’s Shoes

    Jimmy Choo have launched a new collection of men's shoes, taking the brand forward into a dual-gender brand. The collection includes a variety of casual and formal footwear, ranging from sneakers to patterned loafers. Here's a few of our favourites:   Check the collection out over at Mr Porter

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  • Mens Aviator Jackets – The Return Of The Pilot

    Mens Aviator Jackets – The Return Of The Pilot

    Sparked and inspired by Burberry Prorsum during Milan fashion week, aviator jackets have made an appearance in lots if the essential looks for this Autumn / Winter season. Although the price of the Burberry Prorsum garment at around £3000 may not be suitable for everyone’s wallet, don’t worry, because there are several high street chains…

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  • Drakes Enter The Footwear Market

    Drakes Enter The Footwear Market

    This is a brand new direction for 'the' brand synonymous with the finer points of neckwear. Drakes have entered into footwear and produced a fine tobacco coloured, yet of course smoke free, capsule footwear collection. For the discerning gent and fan of quality this is your shoe and Drakes are happy to clothe you from…

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  • Happy Socks at Westfield

    Happy Socks at Westfield

    This season sees the exciting launch of the Happy Socks stand alone store in Westfield White City. This is the first ever hosiery brand too have a retail space in the legendary shopping centre! The store will be open from the 24th October until April, with lots of exciting events happening throughout it’s time there.…

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