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Paul McGregor

Founder of MFM, and short course lecturer at The London College of Fashion teaching all things marketing. Read my personal blog here.

  • Happy Socks at Westfield

    Happy Socks at Westfield

    This season sees the exciting launch of the Happy Socks stand alone store in Westfield White City. This is the first ever hosiery brand too have a retail space in the legendary shopping centre! The store will be open from the 24th October until April, with lots of exciting events happening throughout it’s time there.…

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  • Mens Coats: Autumn Outerwear

    Mens Coats: Autumn Outerwear

    Whether we have yet chosen to admit it to ourselves or not, one thing has become very clear to me within the last week or so, summer is pretty much over! Rapidly disintegrating are the days where a simple shorts and tee combo is considered a justified attempt (although judging by the outfits that surrounded…

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  • Fairisle Knits: AW Fashion Trend

    Fairisle Knits: AW Fashion Trend

    Mixing the old and the new is what we love here at MFM, and the move towards many Fairisle orientated Autumn/Winter trends are exciting news for us. Personally I love fairisle. It looks vintage even though it is probably new. This is because the technique used is a very old one, originating in the Shetland…

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  • Fashion And Art. Or The Art Of Fashion?

    Fashion And Art. Or The Art Of Fashion?

    Fashion and Art: Two subjects which closely tie in together, two subjects any creative person will have an interest in and two subjects any fashion designer is an expert in. As an individual subject, there is so much to learn from each. Fashion is driven by art, and artists take inspiration everyday from Fashion Trends.…

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  • Interview With Dan Hasby Oliver: LSOD

    Interview With Dan Hasby Oliver: LSOD

    So I had the pleasure to interview Dan Hasby Oliver about a year ago. He is the man behind the popular blog Last Style of Defense. Named as a Star of Fashion’s Future Front Row For Fashion Blogging by Grazia Magazine, as well as being named in the Top 100 - List of worlds most…

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  • Mens Cable Knit Jumpers

    Mens Cable Knit Jumpers

    If you thought you’d seen the back of the cable knit then think again. The staple of the past two seasons is back to combat the bitter winter chills. For those of you unacquainted with this season’s hottest knitwear (and if you are one of ‘those’ then really, where have you been?) the cable knit…

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  • The Translation On Trends: The Australian Fashion Scene

    The Translation On Trends: The Australian Fashion Scene

    It has once been said that the Australian fashion scene is about one to two years behind the UK and European market in its trends.  This may be due to various factors; including when London is welcoming it’s winter line Australia is usually lathering on tanning lotion and rocking out in flip-flops.  Essentially that old…

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  • London Fashion Week Catch Up: Topman

    London Fashion Week Catch Up: Topman

    If you know anything about London’s menswear, you know the consistent contribution Topman has held in the British males wardrobe, particularly over the last four seasons. The trendsetting, English high street brand is behind some of the most talked about and beautifully designed clothing in the nation and undoubtedly has a reputation for raising the…

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