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Paul McGregor

Founder of MFM, and short course lecturer at The London College of Fashion teaching all things marketing. Read my personal blog here.

  • The Art Of The Pocket Square

    The Art Of The Pocket Square

    Pocket squares have been seen as a formal accessory in the past, being worn only for the odd "posh occasion". Infact, pocket squares offer a lot more to an outfit than a lot of people think, and this simple attention to detailing can make or break a look. Today at MFM, we're going to be…

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  • FREE Men’s Style eBook

    FREE Men’s Style eBook

    We touched on the importance of Timeless Mens Style a few days ago and we're honoured to announce that we've teamed up with Brighterman, to offer you the chance to get your hands on a copy of The Definitive Guide To Timeless Style for FREE. This 24 page book covers a variety of topics, all…

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  • Fashion Spotlight: Burberry

    Fashion Spotlight: Burberry

    Burberry oozes classic British Heritage styling, providing timeless classics for the modern man. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke, Burberry firmly established itself as a go to relatively early due to its trademark tartan, checks and it’s ever popular Trench Coat; No-one does a trench like Burberry. Burberry excels when it comes to…

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  • Mens Timeless Style

    Mens Timeless Style

    Today we're going to be talking about Timeless Style, and ways we can implement it into our current wardrobe. Timeless style is something everybody can learn from, and implementing it into your personal style is going to enhance your overall appearance. When we look at timeless style, we look at trends and garments which we're…

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  • Future Menswear Collaborations

    Future Menswear Collaborations

    With the recent launch of the eagerly anticipated collaboration of Versace for H&M, it got me thinking... what other collaborations would I like to see? The Versace for H&M collection was great, but the womens collection seemed to have more exciting pieces than the men's. I often feel as a woman, how spoilt rotten we…

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  • A Season Must Have: Carolyn Massey

    A Season Must Have: Carolyn Massey

    Massey flew onto the men’s fashion scene in 2007 creating a huge impact with her first ever A/W menswear collection. It was full of interestingly cut tops and hoodies with a surprisingly wearable quality to them. This really got her noticed, since then she has done nothing but grow for the last 4 years, with…

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  • Brand Focus: Fins

    Brand Focus: Fins

    It's always good to discover new brands, it really opens our eyes to diversity within the fashion market. We came across Fins about a month ago, a footwear brand which started in 2008 by London girl Alexandra Finlay. "The brand was born from a desire to provide her boy friends with a classic summer loafer…

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  • The Classic Shoe

    The Classic Shoe

    The good, the bad and the ugly. I am referring to shoes, of course. As previously mentioned, I love a man in a suit. A crisp, flattering suit makes a world of difference to your appearance. Also mentioned, I love a man with a fabulous pair of shoes. This sadly does not always happen. Time…

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  • Neyo Fashion Style

    Neyo Fashion Style

    I remember watching an interview a while ago before the release of his album Year of The Gentleman, where Ne-Yo publicly announced his fashion style was going to drastically change. Looking smart was his new agenda wherever you spotted him, and he still manages to pull it off. Whether his dressed up into a full…

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  • Brand Watch: Sin Star

    Brand Watch: Sin Star

    We always like to introduce our readers to new, fresh and up and coming brands and today we're going to be highlighting Sinstar clothing. Created by two best friends and fellow band members back in 2010, Sam Bell and Ryan Stripe really are forward thinking, creative individuals. After things didn't work out with their band,…

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